Thursday, December 13, 2012

Walking dead

Once upon a time there were three young men. Their names were Tame,Taniela and Anthony they were living in a small village called Nuke town. We were in a hotel and we were watching the news. Then we heard a noise. We looked out the window and we saw ugly looking people and then news said that they were zombies. Then we went to a neighbours house we thought that there was no zombies around there arena but when we went in the house we saw this giant zombie The zombie looked ugly and scary because There was blood coming out of his mouth. And he had a long tongue and it likes to grab people’s head with his tongue. So then I ran around him and then went to the kitchen to grab a knife. And then I thought to myself. Then I started screaming for help. Later on Anthony hard Tame screaming then Anthony came with a ray gun to see what was going on. He saw a zombie he said I saw something like that on the news luckily he brang the ray gun. And we got surrounded by zombies TO BE CONTINUED

Friday, December 7, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2013

1.I like my netbook because it easyer then using books and its more faster. 2.nothing frustrates me on my netbook. already better the way it is. 4.way better than last year it took me for long with my book but now it faster. 5.hold it with two hands and stop doing the wrong thing at school.

Friday, November 30, 2012


On Monday the year six were going on a camp and the year five would stay back at school. They would stay with Mr S in room sexteen. Mr S real name is Mr Somerville but we call him Mr S for short. Mr Somerville said that the year 5 would be going to swimming every day.On the first day with Mr S. He ask who had there tog’s All of the kids from room fifteen but there hands up we had three class with us Mr S said we would go to the pools. We waited till he said go and we would walk to get our togs and wait outside. We waited for Mr S to lead us to the pool then we walk to the pool and it was just at our school. When we got there we had 3 minute to get change out of our uniform and put on our togs. We went to the pool and waited for everyone to get change. Everyone came and we went in to the pool and had 5 minute free time then we would play some games. Our free time was up and we had a game boys vs girls. the game went like this he would chuck the ball and if the boys get it the boys get a point if the girls get it the girl get a point anyone could run and get the ball. It was the first to 12 the girls win that round they made us do gangnam style. We did the gangnam style and we sing it for 1 minute. Then we went back in the pool again for another round. It was sad for the people that didn’t go swimming had to just watch and read a book.we played the game again it was fun but the girl’s win again we did the dougie and we had free time for 10 minutes until we get out of the pool to get change we got out and we had to get change we 3 minute to get change and we went back to class.THE END

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Free running

Guess what I'm writing about. I’m going to write about free running. Free running is a type of sport that is like running but when you run you do lot’s of tricks like jumping over thing’s. It look hard and it’s very fun because you can jump very high its like scary. People do it because that what they're good at. I would like to learn about it. You would think it is hard scary and it’s fake like they made it up on computer.that what I think when I first saw it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guess what I was watching on T.V 2. I watched Wipe Out and its a funny show. Wipe Out is a show where you try to get across a water obstacle course and the first six that get the best times go on to another course where they have another challenge. The winner wins five thousand dollars. I would like to have a try at doing it. They should make a kids wipe out and they would give you a thousand and one dollars because we are younger and we are just kids. And there will only be three course’s and they will be easier. I like watching it because it’s so funny. People get hit hard in the face, back, head and legs and it look’s painful. They get hit and you can hear a crack and it might have been there neck. I can’t wait until I get older so I can do lot’s of thing like go to wipe out some day. The course’s is very hard for some people because they don’t make it. It’s sad. They should give them a prize for trying there best. they try to win money for their family to get something that they alway wanted like christmas presents, new years or birthday . They leave with respect. Thats all I know about Wipe Out. I hope you like watching it.

Monday, October 29, 2012

wooden trolley kart

Guess what I did in the weekends. I went to my course house and I sleep over there he ask me what was a trolley. And guess what I said. A trolley that you shop with at countdown but it wasn't the one he was talking about. It's a trolley that you can make just out of wood but you need lot's of wood and you would need four wheels and it would look like the photo's up top it cool and fun. You can ride a round without some one pushing you you should make it when you have the time or you can use old bike wheels that you don't use any more but you can just use any wheels. You can search it up on the net it fun you should do I bet you will like it.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Ant Army

what is happening in your picture.Cause it show on the book and that was how far we got up to on the book. And its the ant taking someone lunch.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

disadvantaged competition

On Monday 10th of september after lunch Mrs Marks got some sports gear. After lunch we play  some games we never knew what game we were going to play then he told us we're going to play some paralympic games to know how it is for them. We had to tied a rope around one hand then sprint as fast as we could but it slow us down. We didn’t have our old limited use then we try both hand we just got even slower.

Then we took the rope off and we sprinted and we had our limited use again. It was challenging because we warrants going as fast but now fast. But it was kind of weird but I don’t know how to say it like thing how it was then we had to try chuck the ball with one arm then with one leg when I went to chuck the ball with one leg I fell to the ground and my face nearly hit the ground later on I went and got the ball when my teacher said and we went back to class.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


As the person was running he balanced skillfully and he ran like it was end of the world he ran all the way to the finished line. As they ran they saw lots of other people balanced skillfully cause everyone had curved metal legs and he had curved metal legs also. he ran and he started winning and he past the finished line and he was happy I think paralympic is a good thing because people that think they can’t be in the olympics but they can cause they're the paralympic that why I think it’s a good think.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


After the olympics there is one more sporting event that is the paralympics which is like special olympics. There was a 200m sprint.There were people with one leg and the other leg was a blade and if you had no legs you would have two blades on both legs. Did you know that fake legs are made out of carbon fibre and hot rod’s are made out of carbon fibre too.There was one person that legs were amputated they were cut above the knee and he ran funny he started getting close then he was leading and he was like a steam train and he got a world record.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bush walk for cross country

On Friday we had our cross country.We had to have lunch before we line up.Our teacher told us after the bell go and line up behind the chair that say how old you are.First I had to eat my lunch as the bell went  I ran and line up in the 11 year old boys I knew I was going to come thind cause there wasn’t much fit kids like me.One of the teacher came and took us down to the beach to do the bush walk but it wasn't a bushwalk to me it was a bush run.

When we got there we started.First the year 5 kids ran first I was ready to go but there was just two kids that was faster than me one of them were wyatt and the other one was Jonathan they were fast and fit.When we started we were waiting for Mrs Burt but Mrs Burt was talking to the other  teacher  about should the girl go with them.He just said go and we ran like it was the end of the world.

It was a muddy track it smell not that good it was so muddy I got mud all over my body first it was my face second my clothes then all over it look like poo.people got muddy it look like a mud monster.but first it smell a little bit bad then it was just getting started it smell the smell it was just like I wanted to run and jump into the beach.people started to get lazily and lazily I ran the whole way I never stop cause I was reaching for gold.we kept as a group and kept on going.

The kids couldn’t go on for the year 5 so we pass most of  them I was still going with my head up the kids that were walking had their head down the whole way but I just kept going I said to my dad I promise I would come 3rd and that’s why I kept going.It look yuck when I look down ‘I’m sinking” the kids said  and I ran all the way to the finsted and I did usain bolt and matt bown and I
said yes cross country is finsted ‘YEAR”

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BBQ sausages

Guess what we did on Thursday we had a BBQ only for our class.  First we did a little bit of reading.Then at  10:00 we had to cut up the  onions.It was a hard job but we manage to do  it before  morning tea.As we cut the onions people’s  eye started to get  watery  it look like  they were crying but they wer’nt. The bell went it was morning tea time and everyone could smell the sausages it drifted down the hall way.

After morning tea we were going to have the sausages but I forgot that we had to go ICT. After ICT
we had to assembly it in the bread its look yum just looking at it.There was a big pile of onions assembly it all together we had the sausages. Emm I said I felt like seconds but I wasn't' aloud.  The sauce was nice but hard to squeeze out. It was like opening a Lions mouth. But we didn’t give up so I opened it up i was sweating.

first it look like just like it was nearly burnt but people still eat it I felt  the juice from the BBQ squeezing into my mouth I said it was only the beginning.First I was grilling the sausages Lee said they were readily but they were still not cook our teacher cook the onions we could smell from the ICT and it was yummy .

It was going all around my mouth onions were good too I know where sausages come from but I can’t  tell you because you might stop buying sausages and people would make a living that's  why they sell sausages and they might get angry with me so I can’t tell you  ‘YEAR”.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rugby traning

Every monday or friday we have rugby training. After the bell rings I run to the toilet  and get change in my spare clothes when I’m finished getting change I run to the bottom fled. We have a run around to warm up. Our coach say that we're going to a game. When the game start the other team had 10 more people then as.When the ball kick off It like playing with the all blacks. I say that I will take the first run. When I get the first run I feel myself getting puff the grass get colder as I run.

 I said in my mind my feet feel like there in ice. So I keep on running to keep warm.I start skidding around I look around me. all I see is mud all around. The mud is like quicksand  I’m going to sink in it. I fall and a lot of my team meat run to blow over they look like fear bulls  the halfback pass the ball out to the wing he runs then he gets tackled. the other team get the ball and they kick the ball back and  they run Every one said that their feet were cold.

Then someone from my team got try and we had to listening carefully cause people a is not getting a run with the ball I said pass the ball out people that don’t get a run they feel left out and it not nice making people feel left out so we start playing again. I said to howard when I get home I’m going to have a hot shower. Later on people were just slide on the mud two people were playing in their uniform  and it was mud if that was me I would go home that was all of our school training.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Anthony cross crountry

Every weekday for school we go out and train for cross country. All of the year 6 and 5 do it. We train after every lunchtime. We have to do it so we can keep fit for the real cross country.

I do it so I make it into the final. To show people that we are a good school. As I run my feet keep on hitting the ground. As I ran I was looking at the rocky ground and it felt like I just wanted to walk the whole way but I said ‘I got to keep going for gold”. Then I said in my mind  champions never give up. I ran down to the Pt England reserved past Miss King then to Mr Somerville back again.

It was a big run and I was so tired I couldn't go on but I tried my best and never gave up. I was just jogging and it was like I was a car. I just need a recharge then I ran  fast as I could. As I was going I felt like I was going to drop to the ground. I had two things what I felt like. A robot  shutting down but I was close I said I can make it I’m nearly there. I forgot It was just a practice with people behind me and I just made it  and I just came 5th. It's better than coming last. I was happy to be coming 5th but I just remember that we still have eight whole weeks to go.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


1914 ring flags 1920 since  white grass unity flown colour symbols.

The Olympic symbol is about the five coloured rings.Blue,green,yellow,blacks and r
ed it show the continents like country all of the world.The Olympic have lost's of sports like running,swimming, diving and rowing.All people around the world do it for their country's to make them happy.

Most people do it and they cheats by taking dugs that make them go fast and longer then before there was a person called Ben Johnson that cheat for running he bit a world record but he cheated he should have just ran and he would of came second they why you never cheat.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Art gallery

On thursday the last day of the term for our school and we had meet the teacher day yesterday and I didn’t go to the art gallery in the hall.So when I got to school my teacher said that he would take as to the art gallery and we all said “year’.and we were taking abourt don’t touch the painting  or they will fall off the wall.

Then we got up and line up in a line and walk to the hall or should I say art gallery.We were walking to the art gallery to look at other pictures there were lot’s of pictures hanging on the wall and tables.As we were looking around it was hard to find a pictues.

When I was walking around it was too hard to chose they were all good painting I chose a pictures it was a truck then I saw my brother pictures.It was a pictures of my bed my bed look kind of good in the pictures and then we went back to class.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

cray work shop

On Friday for school I got up and went to school I had a trip to the art workshop.As  I got to school and mark to see if every one was here for the trip.When every one  was here we went to the bus we went with lot’s of people.

As we were going in the bus we were looking at every one that went past people walking and looking at house.When we got there we got out of the bus and ran and lined up by the crossing light and waited for the light to go green.

We ran to the gay workshop and walked in.We walk into a room first we went swimming I was swimming for a long time and then I jump out and played breast ball for 3 minutes and then we had to make a gay plant.After we went to the bus and went back to school.

Took by an alien

On Friday at night I was taking out the trash bin and I saw a bright light come close and close when I saw It.It felt like I was blound and they took me in to there ship and put me to sleep with some kind of I was sleeing I saw an big head  and it was an alien.We were flowing through space.

They took me to big head land.Where they put me in a cage and took me to the pet shop.When I got put by another human in cage and a dog.It look like the dog next door my house.There was an alien  that came in and pick me for an alien.Later on he was taking me to it UFO.

When I got to its house its food was birds rats cats.And I was walking through the rooms and there scary food was humans they were cooking  a pot to put me in.The alien pick me up and chuck me in the pot and cook me up.And pull me out and eat me.THE END

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rugby League

Today I am writing about league this is how it started. On Tuesday I had a rugby league game I was playing for my school we had like six games to play. When I was walking to school I said to myself "should I run?", so I started to run. As I was getting to school I went to the breeze and my coach  Robert called out to me. He said “Anthony are you coming to league?", and I said “yes". When the bell went we had to go to a different class to get every one so we have a good game.

We had to put all the things in my coaches car we put it in the boot and we started walking to Dunkirk Park. As we were nearly there we saw some other schools on our way there. We saw some other schools they were practicing on their passing with the ball and then we got in

our group and had a run around the field.

As our game started we played some different schools. As we were playing this boy wanted a fight he called my name and ask me for fight so I just look the other way because if some one fight they will be sent back to there school. And I did’t want to go back to school.

Later on it was the open weight turn they look big.I was thinking what have they been eating they were like huge. There was this big kid who, when he got the ball he would run to the sideline and try to get a run away try but he always ran out. This was a close game I try to have fun before I go back to school.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Claude Monet was a french impressionist painter who enjoyed painting the same subject landscape and cityscape drawing a bridge in a different time of year and in a moment in time. And colour in different season.each moment show season and light.

Monet created his beautiful garden at home in Giverny. Then He used it as his subject over and over again. He liked the way the water was constantly changing and moves.He loved giverny cause that was his home. In the famous paintings of the japanese bridge crossing a pond. There are trees and shrubs that change colours with the seasons. And the surface reflects the tres and bridge.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Robert Delaunay

Robert Delaunay was a paint and he paint has huge girl and he was a portuguese has the huge girl was bigger than the sky and he came from france.And he did’ oplin painting.

he like to use vibert color and he like to use contrasting color to bring the art alive to make it look like it is alive.

in the sinter he use contrasting color to make a lady in the inside the kitchens vibrant colors to make a pot plant on the left side of the kitchens .

Friday, May 25, 2012


Guest what we been waiting for.Queen Land VS New South Wales there game.The game is going to be at night 9:30.Year" Queen land all day most of the boy in my class  go for Queen land but some our boys in my class is writing about this.Far" I could't wait tell the game stared I watch the game on my sky HDI.

I watch it and I never knew that Bill Slater was in Queen land people were saying that he been there for five years.I saw all the good people  David Taylor  Greg Inglis there like good but when the game stared Queen land had to kick off  New south had the first run up.

New south kick it queen land taking some good hits and this is when it get's out of happiness someone form new south hit queen land and one of queen land got up with the ball and chunk the it at new south and they stared to get in to a fight the fight was like view hour before the game.

But Michael  Jennings came out of no where and hit one of them in the head and the fight stopped Michael Jennings had to go off  for a ten minute sin bin.So he walk it out with his coach to the changing room for ten minute sin bin.

New south was embarrassed that every one was watching.Cause one of has team meat was sin bin and they had to play on but it was a close game new south had 10 and queen land had 18 that's how close it was. it was cool and much fun Queen land YEAR"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

could creatures live without rain

If rain did not fall sea creatures would remain alive.But other creatures on land wouldn’t survive.that it will only be possible for sea creatures to live.   

Rain supplies us and animal's With water to drink. It helps things grow so we all can survive.

Some people in the city became angry when it rains.and they forget how much farmers need water to water crops grass and dam are kept full and water for taps.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Hi my name is Anthony and this movie you are going to  watch  do you see that boy on the side that's me.This movie is about our swimming lessons at YMCA pool's hope you enjoy.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Assembly immersion

For our immersion assembly our topic now is Art Alive. When I came to school Mr Jacobson had painted on the ground in the breeze. He had painted a big hole in the ground and water coming out. But it was not for real, but it did look real. That is why it says art alive.

Then we went to class and later the bell went and we line up and went to the hall for immersion assembly. Our topic was Art Alive. Some of the kid’s did not know our topic. It was team One’s turn and they had a movie to show us about animal patterns.

Team 3 had art pictures that came alive. They were dancing and all of that  it was funny.  I never knew that  paris had the biggest museum in the world.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am so happy about the holidays because I'm going up north with my cousin and uncle.As we are going up north  we will make it half way and sleep at a hotel  and then when we get up in the morning and we will pack up  and get really so we can keep going way up north and go to a Marie.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

School camp year 5,6 kayaking

Our first activity at camp was kayaking. Mr Burnt said can he have four helpers to take the kayaks down to the beach. When they took them we walked down to the Pt England beach to go kayaking. As we were walking we were all talking about how much fun it was going to be. The kayaks were on the beach and Mr Burnt said to us have a seat and move up so you can hear. He was telling us how careful we have to be on the kayaks. Then we got our self a life vest and Isiah and I got on a double kayak.

We were going slow then we started to go faster and faster because we were paddling with our strokes in time. That’s why we kept going past the big rock it was so much fun I enjoyed it. We lay back on our back and enjoyed it even more. We splashed water on us to keep our self nice and cool and some girl crashed in to us and we nearly capsized.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

school camp

What I’m most happy about camp is going to the pools and having races.The pools are called swimorama. It has one huge slide and an inside pool and an out side pool. Another cool thing about it is going kayaking and going all the way down to the big pole and around and back. That is what I did last camp when I was a year 5. The most nervous thing is falling out of the kayak and the fish getting my legs and getting a broken hand again and miss out on the fun like last camp. I don’t want that to happen again. When I went kayaking I had to go on the boat that was the only fun thing about it and the funny thing was having races with my team who were kayaking.

Friday, March 9, 2012

School Picnic

guess what we were doing we went to the beach as we were walking they and I was way up in the air all of us would look like ants the kids were running around there were like 500
of us running around like crazy children they were running because they were excited.
On Friday we had a school picnic first we had to go to the hall to check if every one has a hat and put on sun crummy so we don't get burnt as were there. After every one has a hat Miss Gunmen said if no one has food or lunch and water just go to her and she will get some food for you.Mr Burnt said you can go when your teacher say you can go.Then Mr Burnt put on his hat went and follow him we were all walking down like a Amery of ants walking down to the beach.

As we were walking down to the beach Mr Mark was taking p of us Tame an

As we got there we had to set down on the grass Mr Burnt gave every class a blue mat so our bags and us when we set down we don’t get wet.Then Mr Burnt said go look for a placate we all ran and look for were we put our class mat
then we found a big tree were we can put our mat down on. After we all ran to the beach some kids were playing on the groyne.

The groyne is hard huge! and it kind of soft but not really.Later on I went back up on to the grass and played grid iron with Mr Mark and Mr Bark all my friend were playing we were all having fun together we pass the ball to Mr Mark and he throw the ball and we all were running and jumping for the ball and we got a touch down one of my friend got heart.

The kids were making mud ball out of clay convoy of chaotic crazy children swimming it was team 1 and 2 swimming having Lot's of fun happy after I call out to Lukis Lukis come let get change for swimming” so me and Lukis went to the boy’s change room when we came back it was team 5 and 6 turn I was jumping on Lukis back Logan got out fast cause it was so cold I wanted to get out but I ones to make the most of it before we go back to school.

it was raining so we had to walk back to school and pack every think up and we went back to school as we were walking back from the beach to school having fun walking back and we had free time.THE END

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

One morning on Monday we were doing some writing about like what would we want to get good at so we were writing and then along came Mr Marks he told Miss M that we had to go to the hall.After that Miss M said pack up were got to go to hall.We kept asking why what are we doing “Wait till we get there” she said .After we got there Mr Marks was there setting up some obstacle course for our writing test test. The boy’s sat next to the wall.

Mr Mark was telling us all about it look easy but it was not easy an tell he told as about the hardest part was when he said we to Blindfolded it was hard I was worried but I said in my head but it might be a little pit fun” Texas and Henry were so funny but when it got to my turn it was hard, it felt like falling off a mountain bravely. I know that I was not the one but it felt like that because I’m a man not a little baby.

The rope felt like Starks but at the end when I was blindfolded I fell down on to my nose my friend Tame was showing me were to go but Miss M and Mr Marks was having a race as they were racing. We were all going out of channel, I was just doing some back flats off the stage on to the Bean bag it was so cool I landed on my back no one was doing back flats it was only me doing it they were doing front flat it was a ton's of fun I know it see you later.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1.Go To Google Search And Type In Dogs

2.tool bar and click on advanced search

3.then you go down click on only images labeled for reuse then chick on search images

4.look for a images and click on it upload it

Friday, February 17, 2012

A kiwi fruit is a kind of fruit that you can eat you can eat it for breakfast or lunch some people like it .At school Mr Mark’s said to us what were we going to do because last year in room fifteen the another kids they were making cookies but this year we made kiwi fruit two another kids were eating banners. Mr Marks got his banner and he said did it look like.It look like the moon a big smile or a toy gun then he cut it in half then Mr said to all of us what did the banner look like when it got cut in half Mrs said did it look like we didn’t know what it like he said we can eat it but it yum and juice it was nice and right hope you injoy.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We have to walk aRouned the outside
BE kind to visitors
ChampionS never give up
When we go out to play we have to Purua to potae
When something go Wong we usE your W.I.T.S.
When we eat we got to Chuck it in the bin
When we come to school we got to wear iT with pride

Friday, February 3, 2012

my first blog post

Hi my name is Anthony I miss school because Teachers show us how to lead and play cool games but the coolest thing I like is my friend Logan, playing with him and playing rugby at school. The play ground is a fun place for little kids if you live in NZ Auckland
take your kids to pt England school. We have 2 play grounds one for the little kids and one for the big kids it’s a nice school nice to see your kids soon. Look at all our blogs and its shows what we have been doing and if you are 9 years old and up you will get a net book. Its a computer. Bye see you soon look at more of my blog when I post it go to