Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank You Letter

Pt England School
130 Pt England Road
Pt England

Monday 24th February 2014
Ph: (09) 527-6237

Dear Ms Erick

Thanks Ms Erick for coming along on our school picnic which is held once a year.  If it wasn’t for you and the others that had come along, we would of stayed back at school and just played games. It was very important that we had helpers coming along with us on our school picnic. We had a lot of fun at the picnic with you coming along.

Every year All house captains get called to the hall to practise their  house charts before heading off to the beach for our  picnic. I hope you enjoyed our school picnic. Next year you can probably go again if you want too. I got to hang with my friends play games and walk around.
On behalf  of our class we would like to say a big thanks to you and the others that came to the picnic.

Thank you

Anthony (Class 2)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Explanation (Netbooks)

NetBooks: What are they and how do they work ?

Netbooks are a device that hold a lot of technology. It helps people find things over the internet. It has free wireless you can connect to Google and Google Drive mostly anything you can find is on this small device. You can connect your ipod, iphone and ipad to it. It even has a HDMI port. It got’s Usb, Ethernet and headphones port.

Netbooks have little keypads and keyboards on it which you use for typing and moving the mouse on the screen. Adults,kids and community  all use it. They use it in class,building and jobs. Where to find netbooks, you can find netbook in Pt England Classes, Students, table’s, Netbooks cupboards and with teachers.

Netbook has a changer and a bag which you can carry around at home, school and work It can fit in your bag. netbooks run a specie software which is called ubuntu 12.40. you can use it for your kids because, you can block sites that you don’t want your students to go on during school work. Thats all I know about netbooks but you can go on the internet to see the netbook and what it can do.

What dose Waitangi mean to me

What Waitangi means to me is bringing British and maori together to make peace. When I think about it i think of British setting sail to australia from england to new zealand. The queen of england sent a servant to sail to New zealand. It took them 3 months from australia to nz. When they got there he jump out of the waka and ran to the maori’s. Reading the letter out to them in maori.

Hone heke was reading the queen writing to all that was there. The letter was about the queen talking about british that were at new zealand befor maori. Maori were denying that  british were at new zealand first. 1840 they put up a huge tent that would bring all maori’s. All british sat at a table leaving two men standing. The governor was reading out the treaty to the maori.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Empathy is understanding one another emotions. If a family member had passed away, you would feel like crying out a waterfall. Or if you see a brother or sister crying or getting picked on, you would feel their emotions. It’s like you're a part of them. Caring about one another, if I see a little kid that is getting picked on I will help them. I help kids become friends again, and play again.

Empathy means you feel their feelings, emotions. Feeling how they felt in the time it happened. You picture it in your head and it’s not a good picture. Worrying, for example like what if I told you that your Dad had passed away. You would burst out with tears even after you go home. When your friends talk about you would cry again. When a person or a friend is crying, And you see them crying you would be crying inside.

But you would never show it. Empathy sharing your work on google drive. Team work partnership finishing it off properly. Looking out for your friends Thats empathy.      

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 3 Ps Protection,Partnership,Participation

Protection Is taking care of your friends watching out for them help them back up if they fall. Being a leader leading them on the right path. Looking out for your brother and sister and family member. caring about one another giving your friends food if they don’t have any. telling a teacher if you're not feeling safe or someone is not using their w.i.t.c.h .

Partnership is working together helping them in their work. meeting the kids parents telling them about how their kids are doing in school. Teamwork is making people feel welcome. saying nice words to make them feel free or happy tell people if u haven’t tried just give it a go hi I had trouble on my first time. Going to every home school partnership.

Participation joining in games giving new stuff a try. If you're in the team thats got more player than the other team jump in the other team try the sports you haven’t tried. Make sure your a fare player or no one will play with you. If you see someone that’s good at touch or rugby ask if they want to play don’t say no. More player more fun.   

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holidays Highlights

In my holidays I went to hamilton in cambridge. We went to cambridge for our waka arm. It was Me,Frankie,Auri,Uili,Isara and Levi It was a lot of people coming but we made it there. We were going to cambridge for our races. We were racing in 6 men wakas I was the leader of our waka. I raced in a lake which was a dam. We were staying at a rugby club beside the cambridge sign which was outside. I was staying at the rugby club for only two days we made it to the semi finals then we lose but we still came a good place we came 2nd to last. A week later i was sleeping at my course house for a week. I was going to a holidays program with my course . After that was finishes I went to splash planet in hastings It was like 10 times better than other pools. It had everything mini world,go karts,train,bumper boats. Its sides were huge there was about 5 huge sides I couldn't believe my eyes.