Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank You

Thank you variety, Johnson & johnson & motat, for giving our school a happy xmas thanks for taking all your time for wrapping all those present for our whole school it must of taken you 4 hours just to wrap all of the presents I never like chest but when I played with my dad It was just like playing on computer I hope you all get a day off on christmas to spend time with your family,Merry christmas and a happy new year.

Net Book Reflection

This year the most valuable thing I’ve learn’t in room 15 is making games with starch,lip sinking and movie making on our net book. I’ve never knew that we could make movies on our computer without using hyperstudio.This year I’ve learnt myself is how to mangen myself on the mat,lunch,netbook without being dodgy. The most things I do on my netbook is really nothing I just talk to my friends but I always get my work finished sometime. What I’ve learnt from my friends on my netbook is how to hack site how to play aqw and minecraft I’ve learnt how to get around stuff but I never go on anything but aq. playing aq get in the mind and when you're hacking to play it. It’s like it’s hacking you. You can’t get away from it. It follow you in your head but I’ve learnt how to stop it. It gives me and the goal is to finish my work then play aq.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Action World Recount

The day finally came, we could get the chance to go on a trip. It was to ACTION WORLD! This was the trip of the year, only because it was the ONLY trip we got to go on! We arrived at School.

Arriving at school wondering did anyone else bring their mufti? I walked through the gates and everyone else was! Except for my best mate, Anthony! “Why aren't you wearing mufti!” I questioned him. “oh, I forgot?”. “Whatever” I replied.

All the year 7’s had to meet up at the Street. So we could see if everybody was here. After that we boarded the bus. “We have finally arrived.” I'm going to try the rock climbing part first. Entering the building, there was an instructor, and his name is Jerry. He was telling us about the rules and safety.

We got right into it. Our first activity was the Jump n Slide. Where you get to get up the stairs and either jump, or you could either slide in the carpet type thing. I choose to jump off. I did a front-flip the first time, then I did a back-flip.

The second activity was the crazy ladder. It was a ladder that twists and turns and all of the people fall off. I was the second one to do it, Levi was the first. But I think I can go way faster than him.

It was time for free time. The first thing I went on was the free climb. I had to master it. The first time I tryed it was too easy I had mastered it. I finally went to the crazy ladder. I kept falling off. Until I kept calm and took it slow and steady. I finally rang the bell.

I never hit the bell I couldn't reach it the only way to get is to starfish back I had seconds thoughts. I look down trying to let go but my hands were tape on to the rock climbing. Being the first to climb to the top seeing Wyatt at the bottom. My hand released from the rock climbing AWWW BOOM! landing on the mat happy seeing the sky again.

I have mastered two activities. I went to try the jungle swings. They were technically monkey bars, just oval bars. I did it but I couldn't jump over the Batman thing . It was too wide and tall.
We came back to school and Anthony and I were not tired, so we decided to play handball with the year 6’s. Me and Wyatt were teams I was losing but Wyatt had my back he skidded  and chinked did everything to win.

Having an a exciting day of fun with all my friends hopeful we go again next year. YES

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela is a great man who had fought for civil rights and served 27 years imprisonment and when he came out of prison he had not given up. He accomplished his dreamed left a great legacy.

The early ages of Mandela he could afford to go to school. He went to a primary school near a village called Quern. He got given his nickname (Nelson) by his teacher. Miss Mdingane. “No one in my family has ever gone to school, I'm the first one.”

He wanted to defend his civil rights against his people.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Swimming recount/narrative 1ZuTiWalking to the pools with my class and teacher leading us on the foot path. I was hoping to make it into a good group. Walking through the swimming pools door first thing seeing is a lane pool then seeing the life guards. Feeling nervous bloodstream down my veins knowing i’m not going to do much good. Miss King telling me to get into the pool to test my skills in the pool it’s different when you're in the pool then out of the pool.

Starting to start swimming I swim to the end of the pool then I walk the whole way back. Thinking that we had to just swim there and walk back but we had to swim the whole way blood rushing to my face feeling angry at myself wanting to give it another go. Going to my group doing races up and down the pool feeling happy with my self doing good for my first day of swimming. Hoping to bring my togs the next day. ‘YES’ 1ZuTi

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My Mihi

kia ora tatou
greetings to us all

Kua hui mai nei
who have gathered here

ki tenei wahi
to this place

ki te whakapakari i to reo maori
to develop your maori language

i te aroha
the love

ka nui te koa
great is the happines

mo to koutou kaha
for your support

ki te aro mai
in attending

kite awhina
to support

i nga mahi
the work

e pa ana ki tenei kura
concerning this school

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Week 5 + 6 Maths Challenge

Question 7

The name of the game is Petals Around the Rose, and that name is significant. Newcomers to the game can be told that much. They can also be told that every answer is zero or an even number. They can also be told the answer for every throw of the dice that are used in the game. And that's all the information they get.

The person who has the dice and knows the game, rolls five dice and remarks almost instantly on the answer. For example: in Roll #1 the answer is two.
Roll #6.     
The answer is = 4

Week 5 + 6 Maths Challenge

Question 6

Turn this triangle around 180⁰ by only moving 3 golf balls.

Week 5 + 6 Maths Challenge

How many triangles can you count?


Week 5 + 6 Maths Challenge

Question 4

Barks Burgers sells Beef Burgers, Hawaiian Burgers, Chicken Burgers and Milkshakes.

One busy Saturday the shop sells $456 worth of burgers and 14 Milkshakes.
One third of all takings goes to costs.

If the shop profited $84 from the milkshakes - How much does one milkshake cost?

How much  money did they make from Burgers? 374

Week 5 + 6 Maths Challenge

Question 3

King Kebabs sells Chicken Kebabs, Lamb Kebabs, Falafel Kebabs and chips.

Chicken Kebabs = $8
Lamb Kebabs = $9
Falafel Kebabs  = $7
Chips = $3
Lemonade = $1

Last Thursday the shop sold 12 Chicken Kebabs, 11 Lamb Kebabs, 7 Falafel Kebabs, 13 Lemonades and 15 Chips.

1/3 of the total takings is spent on rent
25% of the total takings is spent on staff wages.
The rest is profit.

How much money did King Kebabs make last Thursday? (profit)

Week 5 + 6 Maths Challenge

Question 2

Tui is making poi for the kapahaka. She need .68 metres of material to plait for each of cords. She needs to make 26 poi. She has 18m of cord. Has she got enough?
No 68 x 18

Week 5 + 6 Maths Challenge

Question 1

Fred has baked for the cake stall. He makes up 2 different sized packs but with the same mix of biscuits and fudge. His large pack has 12 biscuits and 18 pieces of fudge. His smaller pack has only 20 pieces in total.
How many biscuits and pieces of fudge are in the smaller packs?

4 biscuits and 16 of fudge

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Four shot videos

I will rip the card and put it back together our background would be a wall.

Rocky and anthony from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Thanks giving day

Thanksgiving is a national day for giving thanks to people. It was started in USA and Canada they started thanksgiving for thanking people. It is celebrated primarily in Canada and in the USA as a day of giving blessing of the harvest. People that celebrated it set down at the table and thank the people that have help them along the way. They have a huge feed were they invent their friends and their dad and mum.  Several other places around the world.

Thanksgiving is a one day holiday which in new Zealand kids is not celebrated kids only think of it as a relax day, Parents in USA enjoy it, because they meet up with friends. Thanksgiving is in October for Canada and USA. New Zealand does not celebrate thanksgiving only Halloween,Labour day,Christmas,Easter,Waitangi day and new years. That's the things I like about NZ.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lean this week

never been seen eel.
During this week there was a huge earl that was found on surfest. They were going to build it under the sand so when it turn into bones and they would put it into a museum for people can see it took 15 people to hold it up. Lots of people were taking photos and videos. Its eye where light blue and the body was light grey it was huge and beautiful. People were dragging the earl to the sand.

massive cyclone that threatened eastern india.
During this week there has been a cyclone in eastern india causing people to evacuate from their homes,close to a million people had evacuated from their homes this cyclone has been named Phailin.This cyclone was the strongest to hit india in more decade,and washed away tens of thousands of muds and thatched roof huts (protective covering that covers or forms the top of a building).


What in the world is going on,well a major earthquake had made a new island in Pakistan. It was a massive quake that happened because at least 45 people had died.The earthquake was so powerful that it had caused the seabed to rise and create a small  island in Pakistan’s coastline. The earthquake was so powerful that it had caused the seabed to rise and create a small  island in Pakistan’s coastline.

Friday, August 30, 2013

My Naughty Son Maths Question

smart thinkers from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
Jack and Ray were at the rugby. Ray’s team was winning
so Jack decided to give Ray a problem to deflate his ego a
bit. So Jack said “Did you know that today is my three
sons’ birthday?” “How old are they?” Ray asked taking
the bite. “I’ll give you a hint. The product of their ages is
36 and the sum of their ages is 13,” Jack replied. “That’s
no help,” said Ray. So Jack weakened and gave him
another clue. “O.K. My youngest son is very naughty.”
“Nothing to it,” exclaimed Ray and he told Jack the
correct ages of his sons.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Rock Pool Question

Calvin Maths from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
Some octopuses, some fish and a few
mermaids were happily frolicking in a rock
pool. Altogether there were 38 arms, 24 eyes
and 8 tails all swimming in the pool.
How many mermaids were there?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Restaurant questions.


The Pizza Place in my town has three

tables of the same size. The Chicken
N Chips restaurant has four of the
same sort of table.
The Chicken N Chips can just seat 24
people. How many people can The
Pizza Place seat?
Now a third of the seats at The Chicken N Chips were
empty and a half of the places at The Pizza Place were
empty. If 18 more people wanted to eat out, how many
would have to be turned away from the two restaurants?

Untitled from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Cross country story

Standing watching the little kids running to be the best. Seeing the course that I would be doing today for cross country on Thursday. It was a huge run but I was up for it. When I saw them running I was warming up to not pull a muscle. when I start running. It was the years 2 girls run and I saw my sister running through the wind. And her hair moving everywhere I was cheering for her on the side line. I saw then speed off where I couldn't see them in site.

Then I see no one else running and they were getting the years 3 boys run ready. We had new rules this year. The year 3 ran off and speeding to be first to finish. I waited till my run was ready to start. Watching all the races one by another all the child run past me faces tied wanting to win looking like angry puffing for breath..all the year 7 and 8's were cheering go go and saying their names.

Later on it was the year 7 girls turn to run. It was the year 7 boys next and I was one of them. I started to walk up to the start line to begin my run.waiting at the line waiting till the girl get fewer away from as when we start so if we do past the girl. I was feeling butterflies but I was only thinking of winning and tilling my family.

We were all ready to blast off across the field to begin running on the reserves and doing 2 laps around it. I did my 2 laps and I was tired running for water to the finish line my mum gives me cookies and chips my friends laugh and they said you eat that food and you're still fast and I said because I just pasty myself and I was happy it was over.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Prospective Student Narrative Writing Motivation Trailer

Wasp from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

“The boy was determined to climb the treacherous towering mountain. Suddenly the boy slipped and he hanged and dangled with one hand he held onto a rock face. He struggled to get to the top of the mountain. Once the boy reached the top he did a big breath in and out .  

He walked to the Karate school and knocked on the door. There was a screeching and clanking sound as the door open slowly. The stern looking sensei came out and the boy felt nervous. The sensei pointed to the side of the dojo and he shut the door. The boy was disappointed and his shoulders dropped. ‘ I wasted all my time climbing this dangerous mountain.

Storyboard Template 2

Movie making Reflection.

Write  at least 2 sentences for each “hat”. Post this on your blog.
Using De Bono’s hats is a great way to help you think about your tasks and learning.

Yellow Hat - The things I enjoyed
The things I enjoyed was making the movie and hanging out with my friends helping them and getting filmed.  

Black Hat - Which things didn't I like.
The thing I didn't like was getting told off by miss king and the movie not being like I wanted it to be like.

Green Hat - What was something interesting about this week.
Not really anything was interesting about this week.

White Hat - What did I learn.
I lean how to be good so I won't be in detention at lunch

Blue Hat - What can I do better next time.
Not to be silly with my friends like playing around when we have to do school work and make our video better.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Anthony,Max and Neo volume and area.

Anthony, Max and Neo's from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Hi my name is Anthony, I am here with max and neo and we are going to talk about how to figure out volume and area.  Volume is calculated by multiplying length or width and height. Volume is measured in units cubed for example, centimetre cubed, or meters cubed, or kilometres cubed. To work out the Area we multiply the length or width. Area is measured in units squared for example, centimetres squared, or Meters squared or  kilometres squared. Area is a flat surface. The volume of the school hall is much larger than the volume of the classroom.
To work out the area of a circle you multiply its radius squared by pie.

Friday, May 31, 2013

burger narrative

Long ago, there was a burger shop in LA which made the worlds biggest burgers that people have ever seen. Every time obese people would order it every day for their combo meal   with burger,chips and drinks and they would pay for it to get devolved to there house. They sell one burger per person every day if you eat two burger you might die if you weigh over 120 kgs. No problem has happen because of their takeaways...yet!  But one day a guy called John was having his lunch break and he ordered a small burger then he got the combo meal.

He was shocked because of how huge the burger was in front of his face. He had small burger each time he had a lunch break. John tried out the burger and it made him sick and feel like he was done. the owner asked if there was a doctor in the building and he said he was a doctor but he was sick. the worker rushed John to the doctors and laid him on the bed. Nurses checked to see what was wrong with him. Luckily for John, he only had a tummy bug.

Independent & dependent

Anthony & Neo from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

1.Sugar water is a solution whereas gravel isn't.

2. Once the ice melted, the grass turned green.

3. He will sleep till his mother comes home.

4. Whenever there is chocolate, there is candy.

5. Since the melt-down, the skaters haven’t been the same.

6. His room was clean before his friend came over

Monday, May 27, 2013

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes  and type 2 diabetes:

  • Diabetes is diagnosed when a person has too much glucose sugar in the blood. It happens because the pancreas cannot make that much insulin. The main similarities between type 1 and type 2 diabetes is they both have diabetes, they both have to have an injection like six or seven times a day and medication. The main differences between type 1 and type 2 diabetes is that type 1 mains of having a injection and type 2 in having a medication.
  • people with diabetics problems manage their illness because they take injection which has insulin  
     in it. People with Type 2 diabetes are still making insulin but the production is sluggish or their 
      body is resistant to insulin. People that got type 2 diabetes Become   overweight and always the 
       cause of the body becoming resistant to insulin and can trigger Type 2 diabetes, even with 
         young people. To get diabetes you eat too much food or sugar or beef and your pancreas 
          stops making insulin for your glucose and it stop feeding your muscles. And If you got type 2 
           diabetes you might have a heart risks like heart attic,blind,strokes and kidney failure. 

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ice cream

Can Room 15 make ice cream using 3% fat milk?

Equipment + Ingredients
1/2 cup milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon sugar
4 cups crushed ice
4 tablespoons salt
2 quart size Ziploc bags
1 gallon size Ziploc freezer bag
a hand towel or gloves to keep fingers from freezing as well!

1.first you need a big bag and a little bag.
2.Mix the milk, vanilla and sugar together in one of the quart size bags
3.Seal tightly, allowing as little air to remain in the bag as possible.
4.After you did all of that you put the milk bag in your ice bag with no air.

My Ice cream was all yum with lot of chocolate it tasted yummy then the pak,n,save ice cream    

Further Questions or Research to Do.
How why did we put salt in the ice.
Why did we shake it.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Heart Attack Grill

I think the Heart Attack Grill should not open in Glen Innes Auckland NZ. Because obesity would increase In Glen Innes and all over the world. If one opens in Glen innes It might not stop spreading  around Auckland NZ. There is no healthy food at The Heart Attack Grill all of their food have sugar, salt, and fat.

The Heart Attack Grill Is from the US and they had a spokesperson called Blair who had no job and he would go to The Heart Attack Grill everyday for breakfast,lunch and dinner for free. Because he weigh over 330 he got food for free at The Heart Attack Grill any day and any time.

Blair knew he was going to die but he still ate. Sadly he died because of obesity. The owner, Jon Basso said “Yeah I miss him but he liked The Heart Attack Grill how the burgers were big and the chips were unlimited.” Two weeks later they found another person to be on their ads and to get free food from their takeaway I think he died a few years later too.

The shop has been open in the us for about 8 years it was started in 2005  thats why I think it should not open in Glen Innes Auckland its good thing for other people because new jobs will be opening but it should not open anywhere else.