Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rugby League

Today I am writing about league this is how it started. On Tuesday I had a rugby league game I was playing for my school we had like six games to play. When I was walking to school I said to myself "should I run?", so I started to run. As I was getting to school I went to the breeze and my coach  Robert called out to me. He said “Anthony are you coming to league?", and I said “yes". When the bell went we had to go to a different class to get every one so we have a good game.

We had to put all the things in my coaches car we put it in the boot and we started walking to Dunkirk Park. As we were nearly there we saw some other schools on our way there. We saw some other schools they were practicing on their passing with the ball and then we got in

our group and had a run around the field.

As our game started we played some different schools. As we were playing this boy wanted a fight he called my name and ask me for fight so I just look the other way because if some one fight they will be sent back to there school. And I did’t want to go back to school.

Later on it was the open weight turn they look big.I was thinking what have they been eating they were like huge. There was this big kid who, when he got the ball he would run to the sideline and try to get a run away try but he always ran out. This was a close game I try to have fun before I go back to school.

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