Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why is it important to have enough sleep and to be on time?

At Pt England School (PES) the year 8s have to be at the school by 8:00am or either right on 8:30am. The reason why we come to school is to earn a good education. There are many reasons why we have to come school and to get enough sleep. First let’s start with why we need our sleep. Every night near 8:00pm we should go to sleep to wake up early the next morning ready for school work and getting to school early.

The reasons why we need our sleep is so our brain functions properly at school, home and at test’s. Today at (PES) the year 8s have a reading test but we take our reading test separate. About  75% of people in New Zealand sleep at the right time. However, about 35% don’t.

Students come to school so they can earn their place in the world and to have a family when they become adults. Most kids that go to school don’t realise the importance of being on time and being punctual. This will earn them a good education and  it might help them get the job they always wanted.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Why school should have rules

Why is class/school rules important:

Why are School rules important you say I’m going to tell you why. School rules are important because it wouldn't really be a school. If all schools had no rules kids would be disrespecting the class and grafting around the class and school. Their would be angry parents at home wait to sue the school for what they've done to their kids and how many year they’ve wasted.

Parents would be pulling them out of school moving them to proper schools that have rules not like a school that does all the wrong. Parents would want their kids in school where they will earn an education. Kids around the world are striving to succeed but most kids would fight and do drugs.

If class and the schools had no rules at all their would be chaos. Their would be thieves stealing computer pens and vivids. Their would be a lot of school’s abandoned because parents would like school that has disrespect to class property. A lot of kids would be growing up with disrespect and no manners.

Most school would be abandoned and will be shutdown. Their would be violence in the school and mayhem. Kids would be allowed to do what they want there would be no visitors at the school to visit them and see how their school is. Kids would be in danger at all time because of no gates around the school to protect them.

Kids should have rules at school so they can learn to respect the environment. A lot of kids would have opportunity to earn a good education. Kids would be able to have a proper job, family and a happy living life. Parents would worry about their kids because they would be in good safety and protection during growing up. This is why school should have rules.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Term 4 immersion assmebly

This terms topic is going to be epic

Going back to school just finishing the last week of the school holidays just going in to term 4. Every term at Pt England School we have a immersion assembly at our school hall. The reason  why we have immersion assembly is because we start new topics every term. Like last terms topic was about game on which includes the Commonwealth Games and sports.

This terms topic is ‘Art attack’ which includes painting, drawing and artists. This terms topic is going to be epic. The reason why its going to be epic is how I’m going to tell you from my point of view. Another thing the teams do is a act about the topic or movie or they can do both.

Team 1 did an act but it wasn’t really about art. Their act was about going to the lake and bring things back to paint like leaves and sticks. One of the teacher was act on a raft and one of the teacher were fishing but instead of real bait it was chocolate fish finger. Another teacher was acting she was dinging chocolate and she was throwing them in the air for us to catch.

Then the teacher that was on the raft crawled on to her legs and had said that team 1 is going to a lake just like in the act but instead not on a  raft they will only be colling things to paint for the first or second week of the term.

Teams two teacher had found a movie which was about primary colours. The primary colours were yellow, red and blue. The movie was about what yellow and red make which is orange. Blue and red make purple, yellow and blue make green.

Teams 3 had a performance about very famous artists. The artists were that I remember so far is Da vinci and Andy warhol. These artists were very famous for their paintings. A teacher named Mrs Barks was the illerster saying the artists names.

Teams 4 performance was also about famous artists who their names were Monet, Fatu feu’u and Van Gogh. Those are the only famous artist that were named by a teacher Mrs Garden. There was a lot more acts and movies at our immersion assembly which would be too long to tell. Mostly all of the performances were funny and normal.

Team 5 performance was amazing they had painted a picture of our principal and our two deputy principals. It was an awesome painting. The tricky thing they had to do was paint upside down which would be challenging. At the end of their painting time they flipped it the right way to reveal the portraits.

This terms topic is going to be outrageous.