Friday, May 25, 2012


Guest what we been waiting for.Queen Land VS New South Wales there game.The game is going to be at night 9:30.Year" Queen land all day most of the boy in my class  go for Queen land but some our boys in my class is writing about this.Far" I could't wait tell the game stared I watch the game on my sky HDI.

I watch it and I never knew that Bill Slater was in Queen land people were saying that he been there for five years.I saw all the good people  David Taylor  Greg Inglis there like good but when the game stared Queen land had to kick off  New south had the first run up.

New south kick it queen land taking some good hits and this is when it get's out of happiness someone form new south hit queen land and one of queen land got up with the ball and chunk the it at new south and they stared to get in to a fight the fight was like view hour before the game.

But Michael  Jennings came out of no where and hit one of them in the head and the fight stopped Michael Jennings had to go off  for a ten minute sin bin.So he walk it out with his coach to the changing room for ten minute sin bin.

New south was embarrassed that every one was watching.Cause one of has team meat was sin bin and they had to play on but it was a close game new south had 10 and queen land had 18 that's how close it was. it was cool and much fun Queen land YEAR"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

could creatures live without rain

If rain did not fall sea creatures would remain alive.But other creatures on land wouldn’t survive.that it will only be possible for sea creatures to live.   

Rain supplies us and animal's With water to drink. It helps things grow so we all can survive.

Some people in the city became angry when it rains.and they forget how much farmers need water to water crops grass and dam are kept full and water for taps.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Swimming Lessons

Hi my name is Anthony and this movie you are going to  watch  do you see that boy on the side that's me.This movie is about our swimming lessons at YMCA pool's hope you enjoy.