Thursday, August 2, 2012

Anthony cross crountry

Every weekday for school we go out and train for cross country. All of the year 6 and 5 do it. We train after every lunchtime. We have to do it so we can keep fit for the real cross country.

I do it so I make it into the final. To show people that we are a good school. As I run my feet keep on hitting the ground. As I ran I was looking at the rocky ground and it felt like I just wanted to walk the whole way but I said ‘I got to keep going for gold”. Then I said in my mind  champions never give up. I ran down to the Pt England reserved past Miss King then to Mr Somerville back again.

It was a big run and I was so tired I couldn't go on but I tried my best and never gave up. I was just jogging and it was like I was a car. I just need a recharge then I ran  fast as I could. As I was going I felt like I was going to drop to the ground. I had two things what I felt like. A robot  shutting down but I was close I said I can make it I’m nearly there. I forgot It was just a practice with people behind me and I just made it  and I just came 5th. It's better than coming last. I was happy to be coming 5th but I just remember that we still have eight whole weeks to go.

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  1. Really well done Anthony. You have thought hard about adding in speech and trying to have a variety of different sentence beginnings. You have also done well using simile. I am very impressed.

    Now you have set this new standard for yourself. Just be careful at the end that you don't get tired and lose the good writing though.


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