Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

One morning on Monday we were doing some writing about like what would we want to get good at so we were writing and then along came Mr Marks he told Miss M that we had to go to the hall.After that Miss M said pack up were got to go to hall.We kept asking why what are we doing “Wait till we get there” she said .After we got there Mr Marks was there setting up some obstacle course for our writing test test. The boy’s sat next to the wall.

Mr Mark was telling us all about it look easy but it was not easy an tell he told as about the hardest part was when he said we to Blindfolded it was hard I was worried but I said in my head but it might be a little pit fun” Texas and Henry were so funny but when it got to my turn it was hard, it felt like falling off a mountain bravely. I know that I was not the one but it felt like that because I’m a man not a little baby.

The rope felt like Starks but at the end when I was blindfolded I fell down on to my nose my friend Tame was showing me were to go but Miss M and Mr Marks was having a race as they were racing. We were all going out of channel, I was just doing some back flats off the stage on to the Bean bag it was so cool I landed on my back no one was doing back flats it was only me doing it they were doing front flat it was a ton's of fun I know it see you later.

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  1. Hi Anthony what a great writing you wrote on your blog


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