Thursday, June 28, 2012

Art gallery

On thursday the last day of the term for our school and we had meet the teacher day yesterday and I didn’t go to the art gallery in the hall.So when I got to school my teacher said that he would take as to the art gallery and we all said “year’.and we were taking abourt don’t touch the painting  or they will fall off the wall.

Then we got up and line up in a line and walk to the hall or should I say art gallery.We were walking to the art gallery to look at other pictures there were lot’s of pictures hanging on the wall and tables.As we were looking around it was hard to find a pictues.

When I was walking around it was too hard to chose they were all good painting I chose a pictures it was a truck then I saw my brother pictures.It was a pictures of my bed my bed look kind of good in the pictures and then we went back to class.

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