Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Touch was awesome in the weekends. In the weekends I was invited to a touch tournament that was held on at magere house course in the center of the field. My friend Wyatt had invited me to his family touch team. I had to be at Wyatt house at 7:30 to prepare everything to take. Wyatt Mum and sister had left the house at 7:45 to cook the sausages at the tournament to fun rise.

I had arrived at Wyatt's house at 7:35 to be taken with Wyatt and his Dad to leave going to the tournament. Wyatt had invited to other friends that I had known for two years playing rugby. We had arrived at the tournament looking for a parking close to the field. We had found a parking and had found the field where the tournament was.

I had meant Wyatt family that I was going to play with I had known one of them because they use to come to Pt England School. We had Played our first game we were sidestepping without being touch We were unstoppable. We had won our first game it was 30 minutes every game but we had enough subs to rotate around.

We had came to our other game that was when the fun had stop. We were losing our team had given up. We had lose 9-3 we were no unstoppable team now. We had one more game after that but after playing that team we played a team called the bulldogs. It was a close game 4-7 we never gave up but we were still happy. No matter if we lost we still had a lot of great fun.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Te Tuhi art gallery

Today class 2 and I had gone to Te Tuhi art gallery. Te Tuhi is located in Pakuranga and is an art gallery and a cafe. Te Tuhi was an amazing experience about Tapa and what's different about other kinds of Tapa. We had seen a Fijian Tapa and a Tongan Tapa. It was awesome learning about different arts and how art inspires artists. Most artists paintings are about their life style and whats about their family, interested, culture and home. Te Tuhi was a really great place for learning about paintings.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Touch Tournament

On Thursday we had a school touch tournament. Our touch tournament was held in mangere, We were the only school from the east of Auckland. The tournament was supposed by genesis youth trust that had gave prize away. We had taken two touch teams to play against other great teams. We had to be at the school at eight o'clock if we weren't there before that time we would be left behind.

We had arrived at magere at nine o’clock we were one of the first schools to arrive at the tournament. After a while we had seen other teams arrive, There teams look really good and talented. We knew it wouldn't have been an easy tournament but we never gave up.

We had done a view exercises and fitness and runes to warm our body up for training. we had trained pretty good from my perspective point of view. We had trained on two mean move’s which were monster and b,k. They were two great moves that help our red team come second.

We had played four great teams that were very organised and forces. We had played our best as well as having fun at the same time. After every game we had gone and got a sausage sizzle and a soft cone. we weren’t allowed 2 soft cones only one. We had played our little hearts out and didn’t worry if we lost. it was the best tournament we had played this whole year.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Athletics Day

This was the best athletics every!!!
On Friday November 14th at (PES) Pt England School we had our school athletics day.
On Friday morning we had our normal school activity because we had waited for the objects for our athletics. The objects we had to wait for to dry up was mostly High jump, the grass and javelin. We had done a pray to have a sunny and wonderful day during athletics.

We had started athletics after morning tea and had walked out to the court for our teams. We had started off with discus and we were able to choose from non-competitive or competitive. I had gone to non-competitive because I had never been good at discus.
discus is a really hard sport for me because it hard to keep it strange.

Them we had moved to javelin which was the next sport for us. Javelin was another hard sport because I had trouble trying to keep it pointing. I wasn’t as bad because I mangent to keep 1st place for 5 minutes.  My friend Frankie had came 1st He was really great at javelin.

Our next course was hackie sack and tug o war. Hackie sack was one of the challenging course for me because it was hard to get into the hackie sack. We had mangent to win 3 rounds for our house. Then we move on to tug o war my house Te arw had won the championship because we had a lot of strength in our team.

We had moved on to the other sports which were a lot of excitement moments because we were enjoying challenging our friends and having fun. This was the best athletics that I had during being at Pt England School.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jump Jam

Jump Jam, It is a enjoyable fitness created for kids and is used in schools for kids to increase their exercise, movement skills and leadership. It is to make kids enjoy exercise and listen to the songs they love and dancing to it. Jump jam is used in School in the Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and in other parts of the world. It is also used Pt England School we use jump jam before starting our school work. Jump Jam is for yr-1 to yr-7/8 students.

In the US school do jump am every morning for the brain to be ready to work. Jump Jam in the US is a competition for school to make a team of five to compete against other teams. If you are wondering if its used in kindergarten It is. It isn’t named jump jam it is named jingle jam. It would make the teacher jobs easy and boys and girl would love to participate in.Jump jam and Jingle jam is both awesome things to participate in and enjoy doing exercise.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Yr 8 camp

On Tuesday The year 8’s and I went on our camp because it was their was our last year at Pt England school. On our camp we Had to leave school on Tuesday because it was labor weekend so we had Monday off school. We had loaded the bus with our logiech
Which took 20 minutes to do and had said our goodbyes to our parents.

After saying bye to our parents we had loaded the bus with kids. We had wave to our yr 7’s friends and had left the school. We had left the school at 8:30 and was heading towards Waipu. I had ask one of the teacher how long would the ride be. She had said it would be an hour and a half.

On our way to Waipu we had played game Games just involving our hands like shadow boxing, chopsticks and eye spy. I had sat next to Wyatt trying to sleep on the bus. But it was to hard to sleep when we have just woken up and gotten ready. In a hour and a half time we had arrive at Waipu beach for our walk.

Arriving at Waipu we were relieved to get out of the bus and have lunch. We didn’t know we were going to walk near the beach after mrs Squires told us we were walking on the bath that we had to cross the river to walk. The walk took us an hour because of all the mud there was on the track .

The yr 8s and I, feets were covered with mud which slowed us down and made our feet heavier. Walking throw the bush walk just seeing a path that leads out on to the the road with light. It was a great feeling making it to the end. We were all confused because it took a while for everyone else to come and we thought we took the wrong path.

Just rearsling that we had to walk down to the beach where the buses were. As I was walking down to the beach I had seen the nice clean beach with huge waves. Just wondering if I was allowed to swim but I had no togs or towel. I was badly wanting to swim so I did.

I had swim with my friend Wyatt and running in and out of the water on to the sand. After swimming Wyatt and I had sat on the bus with no t-shirt on just our towel. Setting in the bus with no t-shirt I was waiting to get the camp site. As I was waiting on the bus I was looking thru the window at the house’s and farms.

After arriving at the campsite we had a little tour around the camp talking about things we are allowed on or not allowed. We Had enjoyed ourselves jurying camp sleeping with our friends in our cabin. Just getting to the end of the camp feeling like we had just been their for a day.Near the end of the camp on the last night of the camp we had sang around the fire singing songs of famous artists. we had sang our heart out and having performance. Going to sleep we didn’t want to leave.

We had woken up early in the morning ready to have breakfast and pack our things to go to Waiwera. We pack our bags and clothes being the first one we had left the campsite after cleaning it spotlish. We took photos and said thanks to Mr Coop for cooking for us.
Just heading towards Waiwera we had to wait for an hour and a half.

Just getting to Waiwera we had smiles on our faces ready to swim. Just entering the pools no one was there including the superficial. We had gotten change quickly and went for a swim. After going on the slides and going in the hot pool it was time to leave. It felt like we were there for minutes. Leaving Waiwera and the end of our camp were tried and finish of fun. The yr 8s and I had enjoyed our camp because it was a great place. We didn't to leave the campsite but we had to let it go. It was the best camp I've had so far.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why is it important to have enough sleep and to be on time?

At Pt England School (PES) the year 8s have to be at the school by 8:00am or either right on 8:30am. The reason why we come to school is to earn a good education. There are many reasons why we have to come school and to get enough sleep. First let’s start with why we need our sleep. Every night near 8:00pm we should go to sleep to wake up early the next morning ready for school work and getting to school early.

The reasons why we need our sleep is so our brain functions properly at school, home and at test’s. Today at (PES) the year 8s have a reading test but we take our reading test separate. About  75% of people in New Zealand sleep at the right time. However, about 35% don’t.

Students come to school so they can earn their place in the world and to have a family when they become adults. Most kids that go to school don’t realise the importance of being on time and being punctual. This will earn them a good education and  it might help them get the job they always wanted.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Why school should have rules

Why is class/school rules important:

Why are School rules important you say I’m going to tell you why. School rules are important because it wouldn't really be a school. If all schools had no rules kids would be disrespecting the class and grafting around the class and school. Their would be angry parents at home wait to sue the school for what they've done to their kids and how many year they’ve wasted.

Parents would be pulling them out of school moving them to proper schools that have rules not like a school that does all the wrong. Parents would want their kids in school where they will earn an education. Kids around the world are striving to succeed but most kids would fight and do drugs.

If class and the schools had no rules at all their would be chaos. Their would be thieves stealing computer pens and vivids. Their would be a lot of school’s abandoned because parents would like school that has disrespect to class property. A lot of kids would be growing up with disrespect and no manners.

Most school would be abandoned and will be shutdown. Their would be violence in the school and mayhem. Kids would be allowed to do what they want there would be no visitors at the school to visit them and see how their school is. Kids would be in danger at all time because of no gates around the school to protect them.

Kids should have rules at school so they can learn to respect the environment. A lot of kids would have opportunity to earn a good education. Kids would be able to have a proper job, family and a happy living life. Parents would worry about their kids because they would be in good safety and protection during growing up. This is why school should have rules.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Term 4 immersion assmebly

This terms topic is going to be epic

Going back to school just finishing the last week of the school holidays just going in to term 4. Every term at Pt England School we have a immersion assembly at our school hall. The reason  why we have immersion assembly is because we start new topics every term. Like last terms topic was about game on which includes the Commonwealth Games and sports.

This terms topic is ‘Art attack’ which includes painting, drawing and artists. This terms topic is going to be epic. The reason why its going to be epic is how I’m going to tell you from my point of view. Another thing the teams do is a act about the topic or movie or they can do both.

Team 1 did an act but it wasn’t really about art. Their act was about going to the lake and bring things back to paint like leaves and sticks. One of the teacher was act on a raft and one of the teacher were fishing but instead of real bait it was chocolate fish finger. Another teacher was acting she was dinging chocolate and she was throwing them in the air for us to catch.

Then the teacher that was on the raft crawled on to her legs and had said that team 1 is going to a lake just like in the act but instead not on a  raft they will only be colling things to paint for the first or second week of the term.

Teams two teacher had found a movie which was about primary colours. The primary colours were yellow, red and blue. The movie was about what yellow and red make which is orange. Blue and red make purple, yellow and blue make green.

Teams 3 had a performance about very famous artists. The artists were that I remember so far is Da vinci and Andy warhol. These artists were very famous for their paintings. A teacher named Mrs Barks was the illerster saying the artists names.

Teams 4 performance was also about famous artists who their names were Monet, Fatu feu’u and Van Gogh. Those are the only famous artist that were named by a teacher Mrs Garden. There was a lot more acts and movies at our immersion assembly which would be too long to tell. Mostly all of the performances were funny and normal.

Team 5 performance was amazing they had painted a picture of our principal and our two deputy principals. It was an awesome painting. The tricky thing they had to do was paint upside down which would be challenging. At the end of their painting time they flipped it the right way to reveal the portraits.

This terms topic is going to be outrageous.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Wesley College

Our school rugby tournament is going to be amazing experience at Wesley college ?

Tomorrow is our school rugby tournament at Wesley college. On the 23rd of September we are going to Wesley college to represent the East of Auckland. We are the only school team representing the East of Auckland at Wesley college. We are leaving school at 7:30 and will being heading towards Wesley college.

We have to get to school at 6:30 or 7:00am at the latest. We are going to be at Wesley college until 3:25pm. It is going to be an amazing experience for most of the boys because it could be the college were going to next year. We are going to play 10 minutes are half and we will be playing 7 or 6 teams at Wesley college which will be hard.

The reason why most boys are going to the Wesley college is either getting a day off school. Or trying to make it in to Wesley college. Wesley college is a good school to go to because you can get a lot of opportunities for your future or for getting in to a good rugby team like the all blacks.

Jonah Lomu use to play rugby and was amazing he was unbelievable he got a try with 5 men on him. Jonah Lomu came from wesley college in South side and got notice for rugby. Wesley college could be a big jump for most of our rugby team.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country

Cross country was awesome!

On Thursday the 11th of September, we had our school cross country. Cross country is a sport which is held every year from Year 1-13 until you finish college. In cross country you have to run in your year levels. If you're a boy you have to run with boys, and the same thing goes for the girls.
My friends and I were supporting our house team, as we were holding up our house flag. I am one of the house captains for Te Arawa team. As I was singing our chants for our school to learn, my house leader helpers sang along with me. All of team 5 had to do a 3km run. We had to run to the Pt England reserve and back twice.

My friends and I jogged during the cross country run because it was a long distance run. Cross country isn’t meant for everyone. Cross country is for people who are fast, fit, and who love running. We had to run the whole cross country without stopping or walking.

My friends and I waited for one another and had stayed together like family. We didn’t worry if we didn’t come 1st, 2nd or 3nd because we were having fun at the same time. We didn’t worry as much as we should have. Eventually we came 6th as a group (in a line) just jogging without stopping. But we still came a good place and had fun and that’s good enough for me.

My friends and I had jogged the whole cross country without stopping or walking. We had came 6th just jogging!!!! I had run with five of my closest friends and came a tie together. This is my last year at Pt England School and cross country will be another great memory.

Friday, September 12, 2014


Today at school Assembly we had a very special person come to our school. The special person was 16 yrs old and goes to a college named auckland boys grammar. His name was Kayeen simon and he had been invited to go to the united state just paying 250$ to go and see Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft. He had a change in a lifetime it was only a one life offer.

Kayeen had made a presentation to show other, schools and to post on his blog. Kayeen was very lucky to get offer this change. A guy named Andrew was the person who offered to take him to America. Andrew walked around town and had fun rised to take him and other.

He had fun rised to take about 12 students to go with him to America. Kayeen and other students got to go and visit the most famous island on the planet which is Alcaraz. Alcaraz is a jail for the most biggest chemicals went and one day 3 people had escaped.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

plastic bags banned

Plastic bags should be banned in NZ because too many sea creatures are dying because of plastic. About 50% of sea creatures are eating plastic which people leave lying around without picking them up and putting it in the bin. People worldwide who are shopping use 500 billion plastic bags per year.

When plastic bags are left lying around it always ends up at a dump, the sea or in trees. Too many plastic bags are killing sea creatures which is destroying sea life. Sea creatures are dying from plastic bags because of they think it is food.
There are little pieces of plastic in the water because of sea turtles eating it which breaks it down into small pieces. Fish mostly die by is eating plastic or rubbish. When fish are found dead they take it to a special place for it to be opened. When they open the fish there a lot of rubbish and plastic inside the fish which show how the fish died.
Did you know New Zealand used's one billion plastic bags a year and its just in New Zealand. Another thing did you know is theirs was 5.6 billion plastic bags used in 2012. Every year there's a million of plastic and plastic bags found in the ocean.

30 other country have already ban plastic bags which leaves us behind. We should ban plastic bags because our 100% pure is at state and other country think New Zealand is a very clean green country. Marine biologists are complaining that too many fish and turtles are dying from plastic bags and should be banned.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Statement: “Children should do some form of exercise everyday”

1) My statement is children should exercise everyday because it’s good for the body. Exercise helps the blood to flow around the body.

2) When you do exercise every day it would be easier to play sports and it wouldn’t even tire you out. When you’re fit you have more energy to do things.  

3) Kids and adults should exercise every day because there are other people out there doing exercise right now. Many people are probably doing a light jog or at the gym training for sports. It’s not fair if kids use excuses like “my legs are sore”. They should give it 100% even if they have to try.

4) Adult’s should exercise every day because they're not going to live forever. They should be fit too. Another reason why adults should exercise is because it shows kids how important it is.

5) Adults and kids should exercise together. You never know,  when they're older they could keep exercising with their kids and maybe become a referee or a coach for their children’s sports teams.

6) Kids should exercise every day because it’s good for your lungs. Exercise is also good for the heart to pump blood around the body.
Kids should exercise every day because it helps the lungs, heart and body to function properly.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Term 3 writing sample

Why is taking care is very important ? It’s very important because that’s what you're normally supposed to do in life. There's a saying, Treat other the way you want to be treated. It’s the truth when you treat other nicely you get the same respect back.

Taking care is a nice and important thing because if you’re the oldest in the family, You should be taking care of the younger ones. At our school (Pt England School) we take care of the new entrance kids so they can feel at home.

Taking care of your mind is very important too. Because if you haven't been taking care of your brain who know what going on in your mind. When your mind hasn’t been taken care of you start to feel lazy or wanting to fight.

Another reason to take care of your mind is when you write, read or do math your mind is working fine and it’s 10x’s faster than not taking care of your brain. When you haven’t been taking care of your mind your brain stops working and you just want to sleep all day.

You should take care of your mind so when you're being taught your already absorbing everything that’s said. This reason is very important because if you're visualizing the all black game before the actual game in your mind it won’t be all their.

Another thing to take care of is your body. You’re body should be taken care all the time. So when you go to play sports you're not being slack for your coach or teacher. Your body should be fired up and ready for sports before being asked. You should take care of your body because mostly everything you want to do is involving with your body.

This reason why you should take care of your body is very important. Because if you dream to be in the commonwealth games or Olympics your body would be fit and strong and powerful you could do anything you want mostly when your is taken care of.

You could be doing Sprints, Boxing, UFC, shot put, rugby or weight lifting and you won’t even know if you're being watched by a important Olympic star.. These reason are good for you so when it’s their your ready.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



In the late 1860s rugby was made by a kid named William Webb Ellis. William Webb Ellis  was born in Salford, Lancashire which some people say he was born in Manchester which William Webb Ellis said himself he was born there in the 1851 than later on moved to the city. Webb Ellis was the youngest of his two brothers. the link for this paragraph Website

In 1823 a 17 year old William Webb Ellis, had gone to a rugby school, Warwickshire Located in England. While playing football in 1823’s William Webb Ellis had caught the ball in his arms and carried on caughting the ball instead of retiring the ball with his legs. He ran towards the opposite goal with the ball in his arms. Website

This popular game called rugby was suspended around England than the World. So this game that started off running with the ball became world wide. But when it was World wide the game was unruly it was 75 players against 75 other player. They would play like passing the ball forward to the opponent's half towards their goal and would call it a goal.

The idea of scoring a goal was the same as soccer but instead handling with their hands and arms. The field was more like a post at each half which they scored under. As rugby became more popular people started making clubs and started playing other clubs. Rugby was mostly in every country and the rules form so that people can get better games and fields. post were higher and Rugby became known as Rugby football.

My modified version of the game: ‘Anthony’s Rugby’

1. Equipment:
Boots (or no just shoes), mouth guards, rugby ball, cones, whistle

2. Normal size field (100m length). The field is 100 meters and the dead ball line is 5 metres .

3. There's nine aside for each team and there are sub’s at the end of each goal.

Rules of game:
Score a try: You need to get your whole team over the line to score and put the ball down. When you score you carry on so you run the opposite goal to score. You can forward pass and kick when every and do quick line outs. There’s no racks only when you get tackled you get back up and pass the ball.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Education

At PES (Pt England School) we get offered every year to have Life Ed at our school in Term 3. The person in the Life Ed is a woman named Lynn and she is a very helpful person to have as a friend when you're having bad days. Every Monday or Wednesday we had the Life Ed for four lessons learning about alcohol and drugs. The Life Ed is a caravan for youth kids and most kids mostly call the Life Ed Harold which is what most people in New Zealand know it as.

My class and I had a lesson today about people who were addicted to drugs.  We were showed a little video of what happens when you have too much alcohol and drugs. When you have a standard drink of beer which is 330ML of a beer in a can where you go and buy a box of beer. When you drink, an adult liver breaks down 1 can of alcohol per hour so when you have more than 1 in 1 hour the rest of the alcohol goes into the bloodstream. It’s worse for teenagers because their body absorbs more alcohol.

Lynn is a very smart person who know a lot about our body like what we should have and what's the best to do at our age. Lynn travels all over New Zealand and teaches kids about their body. Most new entrants which are like young kids, like Harold the giraffe who talks to Lynn and Lynn says what Harold says or thinks. For more information visit:

Friday, August 1, 2014

South Africa Commonwealth Games

Wow Africa is huge! Did you know Africa is the world's second largest and second most populated continent on the planet? Did you know that Africa covers six percent of the earth!!!. And about 80 percent of Africa is made up of black Africans. Did you know that Africa has 55 states and on each coast line is the Indian ocean and South Atlantic ocean?

Did you know that there are 52.98 million people in South Africa? South Africa is located in the Southern tip of Africa. South Africa has eleven different languages and the names of them are Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tswana, Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu. Two percent of South Africans speak the first language. The rest mostly speak a little English. Did you know that English was the first language to be spoken in South Africa, before Afrikaans?

South Africa sports: Football (soccer) Did you know Football is the most popular sport in South Africa. Another thing did you know they hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup the first one in Africa. Cricket was the second most popular sport in South Africa and is mostly a British popular sport.

South Africa’s cricket team is named the Proteas. Rugby is another very popular sport in Africa and also a very popular sport for me too. South Africa’s rugby team is very good and intelligent. Their team was unbeaten in this sport and they still remain unbeaten.

South Africa flag: The South African flag was replaced in 27th of April in 1994, at the South African general election in 1994. The flag that had been chosen to replace the flag was last replaced in 1928. The designer of the flag was State Herald Frederick Brownell. The flag had a horizontal red band on the top and blue on the bottom with equal size of the red. At the very front of the flag is black with a triangle shape. separated by a central green band that ends to each edge, which splits the colours apart. The green is like a Y but sideways.

South Africa 7s team in the Commonwealth Games are amazing. They’ve beaten the All Blacks, England and Scotland. South Africa beat Scotland 15-12 and has never lost yet. The game was held at Ibrox stadium and Scotland was down 21-0. After half time Scotland began scoring tries. Unlucky for Scotland they lost. Hopefully they improve and make a good comeback.

Friday, July 4, 2014


AFL is fun. Class 2 got the offer to play Kiwi kick. AFL is an Australian sport which is a mixture of rugby, touch, volleyball and soccer. AFL stand for Australian football league We got to go to the hall and do AFL.  When we went to AFL when learn a game called motorway. Motorway is only a warm up game for AFL for kids.

The way we play motorway is we run around cones and the person thats in the middle the instructor say red light and we all stop and when he says green light we continue to play. Another thing is they can say an object and you have be like the object.

They can say faster or slower so when they say faster you have to run faster and when he says slower its just the  same thing but run slower. In Australia AFL is well known for kids and Adults. AFL is a professional sport.

Australian people are starting to spread AFL around the world and to make AFL a famous sport so they can have professional competition around the world so it could become a huge sport like rugby and football. 

When you're running with the ball you can only hold it for a certain time and then you have to bounce it on the ground 17 times and then you can run but you can only take 15 steps. Then you can pass the ball if you want or bounce the ball .

Thursday, June 26, 2014

What is echolocation?

What is echolocation? Echolocation is when a bat uses clicking noises with its mouth to hunt its prey. When a bat is hunting its prey ,it clicks slower when its prey isn’t around. But when it gets closer to its prey ,which is a moth., it starts clicking faster and louder. The sound waves reflect off the moth and the bat can see the sound waves and the bat will be able to sense where it is

Killer whales make loud throbbing sounds. When its dark and it can’t see, it uses its throbbing noises so it can sense objects from longer distances just with sound waves. The sound reflects off the object and the sound  goes back to the whale. Then the whale knows what's in front of him.

In California a boy named Ben was blind. He was born a normal kid and had dark brown eyes like his mum . Then when he was two Ben’s mum saw something wrong with his eyes. His mum was saying it was turning white inside the eye.

 It was eye cancer and Ben had his eyes removed at the age of two. After Ben's eyes were removed he figged out how to see with sound. Ben uses echolocation so he can ride his bike and walk around instead of torching the wall and staying inside like other blind people.

The way Ben uses echolocation was with making sound with he's mouth. He makes clicking sound with his mouth like a bat. When he makes clicking sound when he walks around the house he pictures the house with sound. Ben still uses echolocation when he travels around. So he could do everything that other kids could do.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Rugby is a game where you make full contact and tackle other kids. Rugby is a popular sport in New Zealand. In 2011 the all black won the rugby world cup. All blacks is a famous rugby team in New Zealand. Rugby is an interesting sport for me. I started playing rugby when I was five years old.

In 1823 a teenage boy called William webb ellis who went to a boarding boys school. William webb ellis was playing foot for the school and he was in a tournament for football. The ball got kick to him and he pick the ball up and ran to the try line and put the ball down at the try line.

William was born in salford in november the 24th 1806. In new zealand we have lot’s of rugby and other sport clubs that are big and supported by other companies. Pakuranga
is a club for rugby, badminton, touch and ripper.

Pakuranga is a good club because you learn better things and you can be spotted by other team or school couches that would want to have you in there team or school team. I play for u13s pakuranga which has only lost one game but our u12s team is really good because they’ve never lost a game and they always win near 95 or 90.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tamki Tech

This year Tech is going to be awesome. At PES (Pt England School) every Thursday morning we go to a Tamki which is a college. At tamki we get invited to go to tech, Tech is activity where you learn new things. The three places their for tech is graphics,wood works and food tech. I'm going to tell you about every station?  

Lets start at food tech. In food tech we make food like fried rice, cookies, puting and noodles. Every Thursday when we get to food tech we wash our hands and grab an apron off the hook. After we've done that we walk to our kitchen and get into groups of 4 or 3.

In wood works we have to walk right around the college just to get to where the building is for wood works. Wood works is where we make wooden toy and cut glass and to do things that is challenging for us. Wood work is one of the challenging class for tech.

Graphics is where we draw designs and make it into a 3D object. First we would start off with a 2D paper, that found it into a 3D cube or box. Graphics is creating portraits and framing them. I think Graphics is another challenging class because I'm not so good at drawing because I've been working on computer mostly all of my school days.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Smart footprint

On Friday at PES(Pt england school) we had our school assembly which takes half hour. Our principle was talking about smart footprint online. At our school we have netbooks little computers. He was talking about saying nice things on the internet and not to be dump online.

At pt england school we are though to be good at all times. There's a rhyme for the smart footprint. your future lies before you like a fall of driven snow be careful where you step for every step will show.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How a 3D printer works?

In class 2 we have a 3D printer which is working and printing. 3D printer are made by people that are known as technology journalist. 3D printer’s run off driver’s just like how windows run’s off driver to make the sound work and everything else.

The driver that a 3D printer needs to work is called Repetier-Host. Technology journalist that make 3D printer get there own parts from around the world just to make it work. It takes about 3 months all longer if you don’t know what you're doing.

And it takes a week or 2 just to put everything together. Repetier-Host help you control the 3D printer by moving the plate  back, forward, up and down. The program that is used to make the object or design is called sketchup that make the 3D printer easy to print.

Because it send’s code and numbers to the G-code and it heats the plastic up to 200 degrees and it use about 953mm of plastic. The plastic cost 40 dollars for a whole new roll which is 300 m. and it show on the left bottom corner how long it’s going to take. And once its done it should go to home and start printing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What is Walter Dickson?

Walter Dickson is a underweight Auckland rep team that plays rugby and challenges other teams around New Zealand. Bill McLaren rep team is for open weight that play open weight kids. Walter Dickson has never lost against a teams or any tournaments. Walter Dickson is a hard team to make because all good kids around Auckland come to trail to get into Walter Dickson.  
If you make Walter Dickson at the end of the season everyone in the team get a scholarship to any high school you want to go to. Walter Dickson is a team that trails around Auckland there's a trail in Pakaranger, Glen Innes and Henderson. When you get into Walter Dickson you go straight to roller miles and get given you gear from your toes to your head.

Walter Dickson is a strict rugby team is because they pick 32 people for the team just in case the person didn't make it. Walter Dickson are strict if you're sick and you can’t make it your kick out of Walter Dickson rep team. Walter Dickson is a once in a lifetime. If you get offer you should go cause you might make it and it helps you get a better furniture.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Drum Shaker

How to make Drum Shaker

Materials Needed:metal tin, Little rocks. wrapping paper and tape .
Drum & Shaker..

Explanation of how sound is created:
Introduction: When you shake the bottle the rocks shake and hit the tin and vibrates  that creates the sound.

Main reason: Answering ‘how’...
You would have to fill it up wit little stones then tape the top.

Second reason:
Without stones when you shake it no sound would come out.

Third reason:
You need to make some drum stick with napkins then tape it around. After that you can design it.

It was loud design perfectly and it was a drum and when I hit the drum it made the shaker sound.