Friday, February 17, 2012

A kiwi fruit is a kind of fruit that you can eat you can eat it for breakfast or lunch some people like it .At school Mr Mark’s said to us what were we going to do because last year in room fifteen the another kids they were making cookies but this year we made kiwi fruit two another kids were eating banners. Mr Marks got his banner and he said did it look like.It look like the moon a big smile or a toy gun then he cut it in half then Mr said to all of us what did the banner look like when it got cut in half Mrs said did it look like we didn’t know what it like he said we can eat it but it yum and juice it was nice and right hope you injoy.


  1. HI Anthony
    I like the way you drew those amazing Graphics Keep it up

  2. Hi Anthony,

    I see you had a yum kiwi fruit .I will make a fruit salid .
    Cookies sound good


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