Thursday, June 26, 2014

What is echolocation?

What is echolocation? Echolocation is when a bat uses clicking noises with its mouth to hunt its prey. When a bat is hunting its prey ,it clicks slower when its prey isn’t around. But when it gets closer to its prey ,which is a moth., it starts clicking faster and louder. The sound waves reflect off the moth and the bat can see the sound waves and the bat will be able to sense where it is

Killer whales make loud throbbing sounds. When its dark and it can’t see, it uses its throbbing noises so it can sense objects from longer distances just with sound waves. The sound reflects off the object and the sound  goes back to the whale. Then the whale knows what's in front of him.

In California a boy named Ben was blind. He was born a normal kid and had dark brown eyes like his mum . Then when he was two Ben’s mum saw something wrong with his eyes. His mum was saying it was turning white inside the eye.

 It was eye cancer and Ben had his eyes removed at the age of two. After Ben's eyes were removed he figged out how to see with sound. Ben uses echolocation so he can ride his bike and walk around instead of torching the wall and staying inside like other blind people.

The way Ben uses echolocation was with making sound with he's mouth. He makes clicking sound with his mouth like a bat. When he makes clicking sound when he walks around the house he pictures the house with sound. Ben still uses echolocation when he travels around. So he could do everything that other kids could do.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Rugby is a game where you make full contact and tackle other kids. Rugby is a popular sport in New Zealand. In 2011 the all black won the rugby world cup. All blacks is a famous rugby team in New Zealand. Rugby is an interesting sport for me. I started playing rugby when I was five years old.

In 1823 a teenage boy called William webb ellis who went to a boarding boys school. William webb ellis was playing foot for the school and he was in a tournament for football. The ball got kick to him and he pick the ball up and ran to the try line and put the ball down at the try line.

William was born in salford in november the 24th 1806. In new zealand we have lot’s of rugby and other sport clubs that are big and supported by other companies. Pakuranga
is a club for rugby, badminton, touch and ripper.

Pakuranga is a good club because you learn better things and you can be spotted by other team or school couches that would want to have you in there team or school team. I play for u13s pakuranga which has only lost one game but our u12s team is really good because they’ve never lost a game and they always win near 95 or 90.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tamki Tech

This year Tech is going to be awesome. At PES (Pt England School) every Thursday morning we go to a Tamki which is a college. At tamki we get invited to go to tech, Tech is activity where you learn new things. The three places their for tech is graphics,wood works and food tech. I'm going to tell you about every station?  

Lets start at food tech. In food tech we make food like fried rice, cookies, puting and noodles. Every Thursday when we get to food tech we wash our hands and grab an apron off the hook. After we've done that we walk to our kitchen and get into groups of 4 or 3.

In wood works we have to walk right around the college just to get to where the building is for wood works. Wood works is where we make wooden toy and cut glass and to do things that is challenging for us. Wood work is one of the challenging class for tech.

Graphics is where we draw designs and make it into a 3D object. First we would start off with a 2D paper, that found it into a 3D cube or box. Graphics is creating portraits and framing them. I think Graphics is another challenging class because I'm not so good at drawing because I've been working on computer mostly all of my school days.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Smart footprint

On Friday at PES(Pt england school) we had our school assembly which takes half hour. Our principle was talking about smart footprint online. At our school we have netbooks little computers. He was talking about saying nice things on the internet and not to be dump online.

At pt england school we are though to be good at all times. There's a rhyme for the smart footprint. your future lies before you like a fall of driven snow be careful where you step for every step will show.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How a 3D printer works?

In class 2 we have a 3D printer which is working and printing. 3D printer are made by people that are known as technology journalist. 3D printer’s run off driver’s just like how windows run’s off driver to make the sound work and everything else.

The driver that a 3D printer needs to work is called Repetier-Host. Technology journalist that make 3D printer get there own parts from around the world just to make it work. It takes about 3 months all longer if you don’t know what you're doing.

And it takes a week or 2 just to put everything together. Repetier-Host help you control the 3D printer by moving the plate  back, forward, up and down. The program that is used to make the object or design is called sketchup that make the 3D printer easy to print.

Because it send’s code and numbers to the G-code and it heats the plastic up to 200 degrees and it use about 953mm of plastic. The plastic cost 40 dollars for a whole new roll which is 300 m. and it show on the left bottom corner how long it’s going to take. And once its done it should go to home and start printing.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What is Walter Dickson?

Walter Dickson is a underweight Auckland rep team that plays rugby and challenges other teams around New Zealand. Bill McLaren rep team is for open weight that play open weight kids. Walter Dickson has never lost against a teams or any tournaments. Walter Dickson is a hard team to make because all good kids around Auckland come to trail to get into Walter Dickson.  
If you make Walter Dickson at the end of the season everyone in the team get a scholarship to any high school you want to go to. Walter Dickson is a team that trails around Auckland there's a trail in Pakaranger, Glen Innes and Henderson. When you get into Walter Dickson you go straight to roller miles and get given you gear from your toes to your head.

Walter Dickson is a strict rugby team is because they pick 32 people for the team just in case the person didn't make it. Walter Dickson are strict if you're sick and you can’t make it your kick out of Walter Dickson rep team. Walter Dickson is a once in a lifetime. If you get offer you should go cause you might make it and it helps you get a better furniture.