Tuesday, September 11, 2012

disadvantaged competition

On Monday 10th of september after lunch Mrs Marks got some sports gear. After lunch we play  some games we never knew what game we were going to play then he told us we're going to play some paralympic games to know how it is for them. We had to tied a rope around one hand then sprint as fast as we could but it slow us down. We didn’t have our old limited use then we try both hand we just got even slower.

Then we took the rope off and we sprinted and we had our limited use again. It was challenging because we warrants going as fast but now fast. But it was kind of weird but I don’t know how to say it like thing how it was then we had to try chuck the ball with one arm then with one leg when I went to chuck the ball with one leg I fell to the ground and my face nearly hit the ground later on I went and got the ball when my teacher said and we went back to class.

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