Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Statement: “Children should do some form of exercise everyday”

1) My statement is children should exercise everyday because it’s good for the body. Exercise helps the blood to flow around the body.

2) When you do exercise every day it would be easier to play sports and it wouldn’t even tire you out. When you’re fit you have more energy to do things.  

3) Kids and adults should exercise every day because there are other people out there doing exercise right now. Many people are probably doing a light jog or at the gym training for sports. It’s not fair if kids use excuses like “my legs are sore”. They should give it 100% even if they have to try.

4) Adult’s should exercise every day because they're not going to live forever. They should be fit too. Another reason why adults should exercise is because it shows kids how important it is.

5) Adults and kids should exercise together. You never know,  when they're older they could keep exercising with their kids and maybe become a referee or a coach for their children’s sports teams.

6) Kids should exercise every day because it’s good for your lungs. Exercise is also good for the heart to pump blood around the body.
Kids should exercise every day because it helps the lungs, heart and body to function properly.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Term 3 writing sample

Why is taking care is very important ? It’s very important because that’s what you're normally supposed to do in life. There's a saying, Treat other the way you want to be treated. It’s the truth when you treat other nicely you get the same respect back.

Taking care is a nice and important thing because if you’re the oldest in the family, You should be taking care of the younger ones. At our school (Pt England School) we take care of the new entrance kids so they can feel at home.

Taking care of your mind is very important too. Because if you haven't been taking care of your brain who know what going on in your mind. When your mind hasn’t been taken care of you start to feel lazy or wanting to fight.

Another reason to take care of your mind is when you write, read or do math your mind is working fine and it’s 10x’s faster than not taking care of your brain. When you haven’t been taking care of your mind your brain stops working and you just want to sleep all day.

You should take care of your mind so when you're being taught your already absorbing everything that’s said. This reason is very important because if you're visualizing the all black game before the actual game in your mind it won’t be all their.

Another thing to take care of is your body. You’re body should be taken care all the time. So when you go to play sports you're not being slack for your coach or teacher. Your body should be fired up and ready for sports before being asked. You should take care of your body because mostly everything you want to do is involving with your body.

This reason why you should take care of your body is very important. Because if you dream to be in the commonwealth games or Olympics your body would be fit and strong and powerful you could do anything you want mostly when your is taken care of.

You could be doing Sprints, Boxing, UFC, shot put, rugby or weight lifting and you won’t even know if you're being watched by a important Olympic star.. These reason are good for you so when it’s their your ready.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014



In the late 1860s rugby was made by a kid named William Webb Ellis. William Webb Ellis  was born in Salford, Lancashire which some people say he was born in Manchester which William Webb Ellis said himself he was born there in the 1851 than later on moved to the city. Webb Ellis was the youngest of his two brothers. the link for this paragraph Website

In 1823 a 17 year old William Webb Ellis, had gone to a rugby school, Warwickshire Located in England. While playing football in 1823’s William Webb Ellis had caught the ball in his arms and carried on caughting the ball instead of retiring the ball with his legs. He ran towards the opposite goal with the ball in his arms. Website

This popular game called rugby was suspended around England than the World. So this game that started off running with the ball became world wide. But when it was World wide the game was unruly it was 75 players against 75 other player. They would play like passing the ball forward to the opponent's half towards their goal and would call it a goal.

The idea of scoring a goal was the same as soccer but instead handling with their hands and arms. The field was more like a post at each half which they scored under. As rugby became more popular people started making clubs and started playing other clubs. Rugby was mostly in every country and the rules form so that people can get better games and fields. post were higher and Rugby became known as Rugby football.

My modified version of the game: ‘Anthony’s Rugby’

1. Equipment:
Boots (or no just shoes), mouth guards, rugby ball, cones, whistle

2. Normal size field (100m length). The field is 100 meters and the dead ball line is 5 metres .

3. There's nine aside for each team and there are sub’s at the end of each goal.

Rules of game:
Score a try: You need to get your whole team over the line to score and put the ball down. When you score you carry on so you run the opposite goal to score. You can forward pass and kick when every and do quick line outs. There’s no racks only when you get tackled you get back up and pass the ball.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Education

At PES (Pt England School) we get offered every year to have Life Ed at our school in Term 3. The person in the Life Ed is a woman named Lynn and she is a very helpful person to have as a friend when you're having bad days. Every Monday or Wednesday we had the Life Ed for four lessons learning about alcohol and drugs. The Life Ed is a caravan for youth kids and most kids mostly call the Life Ed Harold which is what most people in New Zealand know it as.

My class and I had a lesson today about people who were addicted to drugs.  We were showed a little video of what happens when you have too much alcohol and drugs. When you have a standard drink of beer which is 330ML of a beer in a can where you go and buy a box of beer. When you drink, an adult liver breaks down 1 can of alcohol per hour so when you have more than 1 in 1 hour the rest of the alcohol goes into the bloodstream. It’s worse for teenagers because their body absorbs more alcohol.

Lynn is a very smart person who know a lot about our body like what we should have and what's the best to do at our age. Lynn travels all over New Zealand and teaches kids about their body. Most new entrants which are like young kids, like Harold the giraffe who talks to Lynn and Lynn says what Harold says or thinks. For more information visit:

Friday, August 1, 2014

South Africa Commonwealth Games

Wow Africa is huge! Did you know Africa is the world's second largest and second most populated continent on the planet? Did you know that Africa covers six percent of the earth!!!. And about 80 percent of Africa is made up of black Africans. Did you know that Africa has 55 states and on each coast line is the Indian ocean and South Atlantic ocean?

Did you know that there are 52.98 million people in South Africa? South Africa is located in the Southern tip of Africa. South Africa has eleven different languages and the names of them are Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tswana, Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu. Two percent of South Africans speak the first language. The rest mostly speak a little English. Did you know that English was the first language to be spoken in South Africa, before Afrikaans?

South Africa sports: Football (soccer) Did you know Football is the most popular sport in South Africa. Another thing did you know they hosted the 2010 FIFA World Cup the first one in Africa. Cricket was the second most popular sport in South Africa and is mostly a British popular sport.

South Africa’s cricket team is named the Proteas. Rugby is another very popular sport in Africa and also a very popular sport for me too. South Africa’s rugby team is very good and intelligent. Their team was unbeaten in this sport and they still remain unbeaten.

South Africa flag: The South African flag was replaced in 27th of April in 1994, at the South African general election in 1994. The flag that had been chosen to replace the flag was last replaced in 1928. The designer of the flag was State Herald Frederick Brownell. The flag had a horizontal red band on the top and blue on the bottom with equal size of the red. At the very front of the flag is black with a triangle shape. separated by a central green band that ends to each edge, which splits the colours apart. The green is like a Y but sideways.

South Africa 7s team in the Commonwealth Games are amazing. They’ve beaten the All Blacks, England and Scotland. South Africa beat Scotland 15-12 and has never lost yet. The game was held at Ibrox stadium and Scotland was down 21-0. After half time Scotland began scoring tries. Unlucky for Scotland they lost. Hopefully they improve and make a good comeback.