Friday, July 4, 2014


AFL is fun. Class 2 got the offer to play Kiwi kick. AFL is an Australian sport which is a mixture of rugby, touch, volleyball and soccer. AFL stand for Australian football league We got to go to the hall and do AFL.  When we went to AFL when learn a game called motorway. Motorway is only a warm up game for AFL for kids.

The way we play motorway is we run around cones and the person thats in the middle the instructor say red light and we all stop and when he says green light we continue to play. Another thing is they can say an object and you have be like the object.

They can say faster or slower so when they say faster you have to run faster and when he says slower its just the  same thing but run slower. In Australia AFL is well known for kids and Adults. AFL is a professional sport.

Australian people are starting to spread AFL around the world and to make AFL a famous sport so they can have professional competition around the world so it could become a huge sport like rugby and football. 

When you're running with the ball you can only hold it for a certain time and then you have to bounce it on the ground 17 times and then you can run but you can only take 15 steps. Then you can pass the ball if you want or bounce the ball .