Tuesday, March 20, 2012

School camp year 5,6 kayaking

Our first activity at camp was kayaking. Mr Burnt said can he have four helpers to take the kayaks down to the beach. When they took them we walked down to the Pt England beach to go kayaking. As we were walking we were all talking about how much fun it was going to be. The kayaks were on the beach and Mr Burnt said to us have a seat and move up so you can hear. He was telling us how careful we have to be on the kayaks. Then we got our self a life vest and Isiah and I got on a double kayak.

We were going slow then we started to go faster and faster because we were paddling with our strokes in time. That’s why we kept going past the big rock it was so much fun I enjoyed it. We lay back on our back and enjoyed it even more. We splashed water on us to keep our self nice and cool and some girl crashed in to us and we nearly capsized.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

school camp

What I’m most happy about camp is going to the pools and having races.The pools are called swimorama. It has one huge slide and an inside pool and an out side pool. Another cool thing about it is going kayaking and going all the way down to the big pole and around and back. That is what I did last camp when I was a year 5. The most nervous thing is falling out of the kayak and the fish getting my legs and getting a broken hand again and miss out on the fun like last camp. I don’t want that to happen again. When I went kayaking I had to go on the boat that was the only fun thing about it and the funny thing was having races with my team who were kayaking.

Friday, March 9, 2012

School Picnic

guess what we were doing we went to the beach as we were walking they and I was way up in the air all of us would look like ants the kids were running around there were like 500
of us running around like crazy children they were running because they were excited.
On Friday we had a school picnic first we had to go to the hall to check if every one has a hat and put on sun crummy so we don't get burnt as were there. After every one has a hat Miss Gunmen said if no one has food or lunch and water just go to her and she will get some food for you.Mr Burnt said you can go when your teacher say you can go.Then Mr Burnt put on his hat went and follow him we were all walking down like a Amery of ants walking down to the beach.

As we were walking down to the beach Mr Mark was taking p of us Tame an

As we got there we had to set down on the grass Mr Burnt gave every class a blue mat so our bags and us when we set down we don’t get wet.Then Mr Burnt said go look for a placate we all ran and look for were we put our class mat
then we found a big tree were we can put our mat down on. After we all ran to the beach some kids were playing on the groyne.

The groyne is hard huge! and it kind of soft but not really.Later on I went back up on to the grass and played grid iron with Mr Mark and Mr Bark all my friend were playing we were all having fun together we pass the ball to Mr Mark and he throw the ball and we all were running and jumping for the ball and we got a touch down one of my friend got heart.

The kids were making mud ball out of clay convoy of chaotic crazy children swimming it was team 1 and 2 swimming having Lot's of fun happy after I call out to Lukis Lukis come let get change for swimming” so me and Lukis went to the boy’s change room when we came back it was team 5 and 6 turn I was jumping on Lukis back Logan got out fast cause it was so cold I wanted to get out but I ones to make the most of it before we go back to school.

it was raining so we had to walk back to school and pack every think up and we went back to school as we were walking back from the beach to school having fun walking back and we had free time.THE END

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

One morning on Monday we were doing some writing about like what would we want to get good at so we were writing and then along came Mr Marks he told Miss M that we had to go to the hall.After that Miss M said pack up were got to go to hall.We kept asking why what are we doing “Wait till we get there” she said .After we got there Mr Marks was there setting up some obstacle course for our writing test test. The boy’s sat next to the wall.

Mr Mark was telling us all about it look easy but it was not easy an tell he told as about the hardest part was when he said we to Blindfolded it was hard I was worried but I said in my head but it might be a little pit fun” Texas and Henry were so funny but when it got to my turn it was hard, it felt like falling off a mountain bravely. I know that I was not the one but it felt like that because I’m a man not a little baby.

The rope felt like Starks but at the end when I was blindfolded I fell down on to my nose my friend Tame was showing me were to go but Miss M and Mr Marks was having a race as they were racing. We were all going out of channel, I was just doing some back flats off the stage on to the Bean bag it was so cool I landed on my back no one was doing back flats it was only me doing it they were doing front flat it was a ton's of fun I know it see you later.