Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BBQ sausages

Guess what we did on Thursday we had a BBQ only for our class.  First we did a little bit of reading.Then at  10:00 we had to cut up the  onions.It was a hard job but we manage to do  it before  morning tea.As we cut the onions people’s  eye started to get  watery  it look like  they were crying but they wer’nt. The bell went it was morning tea time and everyone could smell the sausages it drifted down the hall way.

After morning tea we were going to have the sausages but I forgot that we had to go ICT. After ICT
we had to assembly it in the bread its look yum just looking at it.There was a big pile of onions assembly it all together we had the sausages. Emm I said I felt like seconds but I wasn't' aloud.  The sauce was nice but hard to squeeze out. It was like opening a Lions mouth. But we didn’t give up so I opened it up i was sweating.

first it look like just like it was nearly burnt but people still eat it I felt  the juice from the BBQ squeezing into my mouth I said it was only the beginning.First I was grilling the sausages Lee said they were readily but they were still not cook our teacher cook the onions we could smell from the ICT and it was yummy .

It was going all around my mouth onions were good too I know where sausages come from but I can’t  tell you because you might stop buying sausages and people would make a living that's  why they sell sausages and they might get angry with me so I can’t tell you  ‘YEAR”.

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