Thursday, June 21, 2012

Took by an alien

On Friday at night I was taking out the trash bin and I saw a bright light come close and close when I saw It.It felt like I was blound and they took me in to there ship and put me to sleep with some kind of I was sleeing I saw an big head  and it was an alien.We were flowing through space.

They took me to big head land.Where they put me in a cage and took me to the pet shop.When I got put by another human in cage and a dog.It look like the dog next door my house.There was an alien  that came in and pick me for an alien.Later on he was taking me to it UFO.

When I got to its house its food was birds rats cats.And I was walking through the rooms and there scary food was humans they were cooking  a pot to put me in.The alien pick me up and chuck me in the pot and cook me up.And pull me out and eat me.THE END

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