Tuesday, March 20, 2012

School camp year 5,6 kayaking

Our first activity at camp was kayaking. Mr Burnt said can he have four helpers to take the kayaks down to the beach. When they took them we walked down to the Pt England beach to go kayaking. As we were walking we were all talking about how much fun it was going to be. The kayaks were on the beach and Mr Burnt said to us have a seat and move up so you can hear. He was telling us how careful we have to be on the kayaks. Then we got our self a life vest and Isiah and I got on a double kayak.

We were going slow then we started to go faster and faster because we were paddling with our strokes in time. That’s why we kept going past the big rock it was so much fun I enjoyed it. We lay back on our back and enjoyed it even more. We splashed water on us to keep our self nice and cool and some girl crashed in to us and we nearly capsized.


  1. Hi my name is frank when I was like you I went crazy. I amose graned

  2. Sup Anthony I like your blog and your snap pack the bears are cool. kayaking thats cool

  3. Hi Anthony,
    I liked all the snap backs especially the bears.Was it fun
    kayaking I liked it.Keep up the great work


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