Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We have to walk aRouned the outside
BE kind to visitors
ChampionS never give up
When we go out to play we have to Purua to potae
When something go Wong we usE your W.I.T.S.
When we eat we got to Chuck it in the bin
When we come to school we got to wear iT with pride


  1. Hi Anthony I have just finished reading your writing and it has some mistakes in it we you finished your writing you should of proof read it. Some of it was ok but next prof read it.

  2. hi Anthony you have a little mistakes in your written. need to proof read it and fix it up but you have a lettle mistakes in your written.

  3. Hi Anthony nice story you wrote about our things that we do around the school. I have being doing good thing around the school have you. What you need to work on is putting capital letters and full stop in the right place.

  4. Hi Anthony I thought it was great how you used the pt England way words in you writing. Chucking rubbish in the bin is very good to do. Next time you could get your spelling right. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hi Anthony
    I like your Kiwi fruit paragraph, It is cool but one thing i didn`t know and that was when you did the pt.England way. Some of your words had capitals where in the wrong side but it was stool cool. I hope you keep it up.
    From Jonson.

  6. Hi Anthony,
    What A great start of at writing and i just saw some mistakes.
    Chucking rubbish in the bin is very good to do.Next time you could get your spelling right.I hope to see more of your blog
    and keep up the great work.

  7. Hi Anthony I like your story you have a good start and your
    photo is cool. Some time I have to use wits to.
    keep up the good work. And the bin I like that to.


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