Monday, March 31, 2014

Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby

School sport is great. My friends and I were trialing out for school touch at PES (Pt England School). Wednesday was the day my touch game was on. Pt England school had an offer to come to play Kings School at Kings Rifles field. We trained hard for the day. It took a long time for us to know the rules and learn new moves, but we got there.  It only took an hour of training to learn the rules.

Soon the day came. We waited for all of the touch teams to come to the breeze for a ride to Kings field. There were about 3 team that were coming to play their three teams. We were able to fit one half of the team into one van and the other in the other van.

When Pt England School went to Kings Rifles field Kings school wasn't there so we had time to have lunch and warm up to play touch. The Kings school had arrived we had an 5 minute rest before the game.
They need the 5 minutes for an warm up. After they finished their warm up we began our game.

A and C team played first the B team was on the sideline. After 20 minutes A and C team won their games. B team was last team left to play so the game begins and we managed to get a try with a move we learn in training which was called monster so all Pt England School team won against King School.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tamaki sports

Several Team 5 senior classes at PES (Pt England School) go to Tamaki college for sports activities every Friday. Tamaki is an open college which is within our community and located in GI (Glen Innes). The college leader are helping us behave in our groups. The activities that have been set up for sports are high jump, relays, chain tag, trust fall and others.

The very first thing we in our group was to say our names. There were games set up around the college field for the groups to go and play. We go down to Tamaki for fitness, sports and for fun. The first game I played was a build fold obstacle course. My teammate name was Brody-Jack. He always wants to be my teammate. All four classes were split up into 7 groups. There were about 10 kids in each group.

PES kids like sports and games. All of the games that we’ve done so far have been teamwork games where you got get your team to the other side with just a pole. I think I’ve been getting fitter by running at lunch and morning tea. The sports has been helping me out because last week I just made it into the ripper tag A team (good team).
I enjoy tamaki college sports and for inviting our school seniors to come and do games.

Friday, March 21, 2014


What Is a cyclone? A cyclone Is like a tornado but a bit different. Strong winds and heavy rains are part of what happens during a cyclone. I heard there was a cyclone that hit Auckland this weekend but it was not as severe as expected. There was only heavy rain and heavy winds. It happened last weekend that was on Saturday and Sunday.

After school the wind was not as strong but the wind started to pick up. As I was sleeping at 2am in the morning I saw lots of debris through my window that was carrying around heaps of rubbish.

In the city the waves are higher than before. Boats are moving unexpectedly but I can't believe that people are jumping off the wharf. I really thought there would be trees flying, cars moving and a debris of junk.

In the city the waves were outrageous and coming onto land underground parking was full of water. It was crazy. I saw lots of surfers out catching the waves surfing along on the beach. It was out of hand - we had to stay inside. Most hours the rain and winds would stop and then continue raining and blowing heavy winds.

Cyclone Lusi made a very huge mess that busted things unusually.   After the cyclone was gone the rain, winds and clouds disappeared and it was like nothing had ever happened. Cyclone Lusi was not as severe as it was said on the news. Now the cyclone has moved on to the South Island leaving broken trees, houses and cars.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fia FIa

Fia Fia is going to be awesome!

If you didn't know, Fia Fia is where cultural and dance groups perform on a giant stage. Every Thursday Pt England School has a one hour practice for the groups. Our practice is 2-3pm from lunch time to the end of the day.

You might be thinking what am I talking about? Every 2 years Pt England School has a Fia Fia. Pt England was lucky to have an early Fia fia for the year. At the end of the term all of the Fia Fia groups perform outside on a huge stage which Mr Jacobson sets up on the field. Fia fia has arrived at our school and has given us a little fun for the year. Fia fia is here!

This year my friends and I joined the Niuean group I wanted to try something different from last year. Last year I was in the unicycle group. But this year they're not doing unicycling. I don’t know why. Hopefully it can start back up next fia fia year. I think Fia Fia is a cool thing for kids because kids get to learn new dance moves and traditional dances.

In Fia fia you can join lot’s of groups you can join Niuean, Tongan, Samoan, Asian, Fijian, Kapa Haka, Cook island and Bollywood you can join groups that you've never been in before or groups you just want to try.

There’s singing involved with fia fia and swaying and clapping. In my Niuean group we learn how to count in Niuean and we learn some traditional dancing. I enjoy Niuean because I'm with my friends and because I've never been in it before. That’s why I like being in the Niuean group and also my friends like being in it too.

Fia fia is here!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sketch Up

Sketchup is an 3D device which you can use on imac, ipads and netbooks. Sketchup
is an design program which you use to make 3 dimensional shapes on this one program you can download it for free on I mac. You can design toys objects clips for your lunch.

The people that use it are students, parents or teacher mostly anyone over the globe.  The year 7/8s from class 2 got the chance to use Sketchup for a project. My friends were creative on Sketchup one of my friends were making a boat and the other were making cars.

People use Sketchup for buildings and ideas like cars, extensions, and House’s. Sketchup is a project where you can connect up to a 3D printer, but there are tools that you use to control it and see things from different angles. The tool’s on the 3D printer is special equipment which you will find at certain places.

The way you use Sketchup is on Devices, Computers, and Online. You use shapes and combined them with other shapes and it creates a mixture between both of them. There is a special software which you can use to download objects to give you ideas of creating things you’ve never thinked of before.

House Captain

House captain, Being house captain is a big job but its the right job for me I never font that I could be the right person for house captain. Leading all of Te Arawa through cross country. It was kind of a fright when Mr Burt called my name out in prize giving for being house captain of  Te Arawa me and Anamei.

We were the house captain of Te Arawa. At prize giving the year 8 house captains were give me  some tips and pointer of how to lead for next year. The first week of the year 2014 of the school my friends courdeding me, supporting me and having a laugh. Going to school assembly setting down at a chair just finishing sing the national and fem.

After that all the house captains got called up for their badges which say house captain and show your are house captain.  Mrs favasauaga had placed my badge on me I felt like I had the power of god but after 2 minute was up I felt like everyone else just a normal kid.

House captain had to make new house charts to win and show off with. We had to come up with some charts before picnic so we can show all of Te Arawa so we can perform it at the picnic. After we perform it we had to wait for the results and when we heard the teacher telling us the results we came 2nd yell!!!!!  we said it loud and poured and that's what Te Arawa all about we made Te Arawa come 2nd with the charts. But I still got a whole year of house captain so I hope I try my best and lead them on the right path.