Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rugby traning

Every monday or friday we have rugby training. After the bell rings I run to the toilet  and get change in my spare clothes when I’m finished getting change I run to the bottom fled. We have a run around to warm up. Our coach say that we're going to a game. When the game start the other team had 10 more people then as.When the ball kick off It like playing with the all blacks. I say that I will take the first run. When I get the first run I feel myself getting puff the grass get colder as I run.

 I said in my mind my feet feel like there in ice. So I keep on running to keep warm.I start skidding around I look around me. all I see is mud all around. The mud is like quicksand  I’m going to sink in it. I fall and a lot of my team meat run to blow over they look like fear bulls  the halfback pass the ball out to the wing he runs then he gets tackled. the other team get the ball and they kick the ball back and  they run Every one said that their feet were cold.

Then someone from my team got try and we had to listening carefully cause people a is not getting a run with the ball I said pass the ball out people that don’t get a run they feel left out and it not nice making people feel left out so we start playing again. I said to howard when I get home I’m going to have a hot shower. Later on people were just slide on the mud two people were playing in their uniform  and it was mud if that was me I would go home that was all of our school training.

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  1. Anthony this is really good. I love your use of simile (when you describe something like something else). Brilliant.

    Please just edit for capital letters and full stops in the right place.


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