Thursday, February 14, 2013

Capture the flag for 2013

Capture The Flag from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

On Tuesday the second week of school we played a game called capture the flag. I was thinking of enjoyment But first we had to get the sport’s gear. We went to get the sport gear which was in the sport gear room. We got some cones and bands to put around our neck so we know which team we were in. And for the flag we can use little flags or a rope. We went to the field to play capture the flag. We lined the cones up to play we had to only play half field because we were only playing with one class.

Most people in the class like playing capture the flag because its a fun game to play with other class. First we start off by put people in team’s it’s not much fun when you're cheating because everyone  would know and they wouldn't like playing with you that why you should always play fear. If you know how to play capture the flag and you want to play it you should play with 2 or 3 class and it would be a lot fun.


  1. That looks cool I wished I play. keep up the good work Anthony. Cant for the next story.

  2. hey anthony nice movie you have keep it up good work man. i saw you running and trying to get the flag.

  3. Hey Anthony,
    I saw your movie it must of been cool. Was it hard when you were running and trying to get the flag. Can't wait for your next story.


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