Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bush walk for cross country

On Friday we had our cross country.We had to have lunch before we line up.Our teacher told us after the bell go and line up behind the chair that say how old you are.First I had to eat my lunch as the bell went  I ran and line up in the 11 year old boys I knew I was going to come thind cause there wasn’t much fit kids like me.One of the teacher came and took us down to the beach to do the bush walk but it wasn't a bushwalk to me it was a bush run.

When we got there we started.First the year 5 kids ran first I was ready to go but there was just two kids that was faster than me one of them were wyatt and the other one was Jonathan they were fast and fit.When we started we were waiting for Mrs Burt but Mrs Burt was talking to the other  teacher  about should the girl go with them.He just said go and we ran like it was the end of the world.

It was a muddy track it smell not that good it was so muddy I got mud all over my body first it was my face second my clothes then all over it look like poo.people got muddy it look like a mud monster.but first it smell a little bit bad then it was just getting started it smell the smell it was just like I wanted to run and jump into the beach.people started to get lazily and lazily I ran the whole way I never stop cause I was reaching for gold.we kept as a group and kept on going.

The kids couldn’t go on for the year 5 so we pass most of  them I was still going with my head up the kids that were walking had their head down the whole way but I just kept going I said to my dad I promise I would come 3rd and that’s why I kept going.It look yuck when I look down ‘I’m sinking” the kids said  and I ran all the way to the finsted and I did usain bolt and matt bown and I
said yes cross country is finsted ‘YEAR”

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  1. Nice writing Anthony. Please think about the word endings like we talked about and leaving a space after a full stop.


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