Friday, February 3, 2012

my first blog post

Hi my name is Anthony I miss school because Teachers show us how to lead and play cool games but the coolest thing I like is my friend Logan, playing with him and playing rugby at school. The play ground is a fun place for little kids if you live in NZ Auckland
take your kids to pt England school. We have 2 play grounds one for the little kids and one for the big kids it’s a nice school nice to see your kids soon. Look at all our blogs and its shows what we have been doing and if you are 9 years old and up you will get a net book. Its a computer. Bye see you soon look at more of my blog when I post it go to

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  1. Hi Anthony

    Really liked your story of your first blog, nice words to describe why parents should send there kid pe. Keep the great stuff.



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