Friday, November 30, 2012


On Monday the year six were going on a camp and the year five would stay back at school. They would stay with Mr S in room sexteen. Mr S real name is Mr Somerville but we call him Mr S for short. Mr Somerville said that the year 5 would be going to swimming every day.On the first day with Mr S. He ask who had there tog’s All of the kids from room fifteen but there hands up we had three class with us Mr S said we would go to the pools. We waited till he said go and we would walk to get our togs and wait outside. We waited for Mr S to lead us to the pool then we walk to the pool and it was just at our school. When we got there we had 3 minute to get change out of our uniform and put on our togs. We went to the pool and waited for everyone to get change. Everyone came and we went in to the pool and had 5 minute free time then we would play some games. Our free time was up and we had a game boys vs girls. the game went like this he would chuck the ball and if the boys get it the boys get a point if the girls get it the girl get a point anyone could run and get the ball. It was the first to 12 the girls win that round they made us do gangnam style. We did the gangnam style and we sing it for 1 minute. Then we went back in the pool again for another round. It was sad for the people that didn’t go swimming had to just watch and read a book.we played the game again it was fun but the girl’s win again we did the dougie and we had free time for 10 minutes until we get out of the pool to get change we got out and we had to get change we 3 minute to get change and we went back to class.THE END

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