Thursday, April 26, 2012

Assembly immersion

For our immersion assembly our topic now is Art Alive. When I came to school Mr Jacobson had painted on the ground in the breeze. He had painted a big hole in the ground and water coming out. But it was not for real, but it did look real. That is why it says art alive.

Then we went to class and later the bell went and we line up and went to the hall for immersion assembly. Our topic was Art Alive. Some of the kid’s did not know our topic. It was team One’s turn and they had a movie to show us about animal patterns.

Team 3 had art pictures that came alive. They were dancing and all of that  it was funny.  I never knew that  paris had the biggest museum in the world.


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  1. It was a fun and educational way to begin the term and topic wasn't it. Can you remember what Vincent Van Gogh was famous for?

    It is good to see you using paragraphs in your writing Anthony.

    I would like you to try and use a hook to start your next piece of writing. Give it a try.


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