Thursday, November 1, 2012

Guess what I was watching on T.V 2. I watched Wipe Out and its a funny show. Wipe Out is a show where you try to get across a water obstacle course and the first six that get the best times go on to another course where they have another challenge. The winner wins five thousand dollars. I would like to have a try at doing it. They should make a kids wipe out and they would give you a thousand and one dollars because we are younger and we are just kids. And there will only be three course’s and they will be easier. I like watching it because it’s so funny. People get hit hard in the face, back, head and legs and it look’s painful. They get hit and you can hear a crack and it might have been there neck. I can’t wait until I get older so I can do lot’s of thing like go to wipe out some day. The course’s is very hard for some people because they don’t make it. It’s sad. They should give them a prize for trying there best. they try to win money for their family to get something that they alway wanted like christmas presents, new years or birthday . They leave with respect. Thats all I know about Wipe Out. I hope you like watching it.

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