Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How a 3D printer works?

In class 2 we have a 3D printer which is working and printing. 3D printer are made by people that are known as technology journalist. 3D printer’s run off driver’s just like how windows run’s off driver to make the sound work and everything else.

The driver that a 3D printer needs to work is called Repetier-Host. Technology journalist that make 3D printer get there own parts from around the world just to make it work. It takes about 3 months all longer if you don’t know what you're doing.

And it takes a week or 2 just to put everything together. Repetier-Host help you control the 3D printer by moving the plate  back, forward, up and down. The program that is used to make the object or design is called sketchup that make the 3D printer easy to print.

Because it send’s code and numbers to the G-code and it heats the plastic up to 200 degrees and it use about 953mm of plastic. The plastic cost 40 dollars for a whole new roll which is 300 m. and it show on the left bottom corner how long it’s going to take. And once its done it should go to home and start printing.


  1. Hi Anthony. This is a really cool post. Do you know why? Because you are the only one in our whole school who actually knows how to use a 3D printer at the moment! I hope that you can manage to find the time to teach your small team of 3D printer technicians how to print 3D objects using their 'Sketchup' designs on their own. Well done you!

  2. Hey Anthony
    I like your idea of
    Working a 3D player
    that's so awesome.


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