Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tamki Tech

This year Tech is going to be awesome. At PES (Pt England School) every Thursday morning we go to a Tamki which is a college. At tamki we get invited to go to tech, Tech is activity where you learn new things. The three places their for tech is graphics,wood works and food tech. I'm going to tell you about every station?  

Lets start at food tech. In food tech we make food like fried rice, cookies, puting and noodles. Every Thursday when we get to food tech we wash our hands and grab an apron off the hook. After we've done that we walk to our kitchen and get into groups of 4 or 3.

In wood works we have to walk right around the college just to get to where the building is for wood works. Wood works is where we make wooden toy and cut glass and to do things that is challenging for us. Wood work is one of the challenging class for tech.

Graphics is where we draw designs and make it into a 3D object. First we would start off with a 2D paper, that found it into a 3D cube or box. Graphics is creating portraits and framing them. I think Graphics is another challenging class because I'm not so good at drawing because I've been working on computer mostly all of my school days.

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