Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What is Walter Dickson?

Walter Dickson is a underweight Auckland rep team that plays rugby and challenges other teams around New Zealand. Bill McLaren rep team is for open weight that play open weight kids. Walter Dickson has never lost against a teams or any tournaments. Walter Dickson is a hard team to make because all good kids around Auckland come to trail to get into Walter Dickson.  
If you make Walter Dickson at the end of the season everyone in the team get a scholarship to any high school you want to go to. Walter Dickson is a team that trails around Auckland there's a trail in Pakaranger, Glen Innes and Henderson. When you get into Walter Dickson you go straight to roller miles and get given you gear from your toes to your head.

Walter Dickson is a strict rugby team is because they pick 32 people for the team just in case the person didn't make it. Walter Dickson are strict if you're sick and you can’t make it your kick out of Walter Dickson rep team. Walter Dickson is a once in a lifetime. If you get offer you should go cause you might make it and it helps you get a better furniture.

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