Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Athletics Day

This was the best athletics every!!!
On Friday November 14th at (PES) Pt England School we had our school athletics day.
On Friday morning we had our normal school activity because we had waited for the objects for our athletics. The objects we had to wait for to dry up was mostly High jump, the grass and javelin. We had done a pray to have a sunny and wonderful day during athletics.

We had started athletics after morning tea and had walked out to the court for our teams. We had started off with discus and we were able to choose from non-competitive or competitive. I had gone to non-competitive because I had never been good at discus.
discus is a really hard sport for me because it hard to keep it strange.

Them we had moved to javelin which was the next sport for us. Javelin was another hard sport because I had trouble trying to keep it pointing. I wasn’t as bad because I mangent to keep 1st place for 5 minutes.  My friend Frankie had came 1st He was really great at javelin.

Our next course was hackie sack and tug o war. Hackie sack was one of the challenging course for me because it was hard to get into the hackie sack. We had mangent to win 3 rounds for our house. Then we move on to tug o war my house Te arw had won the championship because we had a lot of strength in our team.

We had moved on to the other sports which were a lot of excitement moments because we were enjoying challenging our friends and having fun. This was the best athletics that I had during being at Pt England School.

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