Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Touch was awesome in the weekends. In the weekends I was invited to a touch tournament that was held on at magere house course in the center of the field. My friend Wyatt had invited me to his family touch team. I had to be at Wyatt house at 7:30 to prepare everything to take. Wyatt Mum and sister had left the house at 7:45 to cook the sausages at the tournament to fun rise.

I had arrived at Wyatt's house at 7:35 to be taken with Wyatt and his Dad to leave going to the tournament. Wyatt had invited to other friends that I had known for two years playing rugby. We had arrived at the tournament looking for a parking close to the field. We had found a parking and had found the field where the tournament was.

I had meant Wyatt family that I was going to play with I had known one of them because they use to come to Pt England School. We had Played our first game we were sidestepping without being touch We were unstoppable. We had won our first game it was 30 minutes every game but we had enough subs to rotate around.

We had came to our other game that was when the fun had stop. We were losing our team had given up. We had lose 9-3 we were no unstoppable team now. We had one more game after that but after playing that team we played a team called the bulldogs. It was a close game 4-7 we never gave up but we were still happy. No matter if we lost we still had a lot of great fun.

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