Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Statement: “Children should do some form of exercise everyday”

1) My statement is children should exercise everyday because it’s good for the body. Exercise helps the blood to flow around the body.

2) When you do exercise every day it would be easier to play sports and it wouldn’t even tire you out. When you’re fit you have more energy to do things.  

3) Kids and adults should exercise every day because there are other people out there doing exercise right now. Many people are probably doing a light jog or at the gym training for sports. It’s not fair if kids use excuses like “my legs are sore”. They should give it 100% even if they have to try.

4) Adult’s should exercise every day because they're not going to live forever. They should be fit too. Another reason why adults should exercise is because it shows kids how important it is.

5) Adults and kids should exercise together. You never know,  when they're older they could keep exercising with their kids and maybe become a referee or a coach for their children’s sports teams.

6) Kids should exercise every day because it’s good for your lungs. Exercise is also good for the heart to pump blood around the body.
Kids should exercise every day because it helps the lungs, heart and body to function properly.

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