Friday, September 19, 2014

Cross Country

Cross country was awesome!

On Thursday the 11th of September, we had our school cross country. Cross country is a sport which is held every year from Year 1-13 until you finish college. In cross country you have to run in your year levels. If you're a boy you have to run with boys, and the same thing goes for the girls.
My friends and I were supporting our house team, as we were holding up our house flag. I am one of the house captains for Te Arawa team. As I was singing our chants for our school to learn, my house leader helpers sang along with me. All of team 5 had to do a 3km run. We had to run to the Pt England reserve and back twice.

My friends and I jogged during the cross country run because it was a long distance run. Cross country isn’t meant for everyone. Cross country is for people who are fast, fit, and who love running. We had to run the whole cross country without stopping or walking.

My friends and I waited for one another and had stayed together like family. We didn’t worry if we didn’t come 1st, 2nd or 3nd because we were having fun at the same time. We didn’t worry as much as we should have. Eventually we came 6th as a group (in a line) just jogging without stopping. But we still came a good place and had fun and that’s good enough for me.

My friends and I had jogged the whole cross country without stopping or walking. We had came 6th just jogging!!!! I had run with five of my closest friends and came a tie together. This is my last year at Pt England School and cross country will be another great memory.

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