Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Rugby is a game where you make full contact and tackle other kids. Rugby is a popular sport in New Zealand. In 2011 the all black won the rugby world cup. All blacks is a famous rugby team in New Zealand. Rugby is an interesting sport for me. I started playing rugby when I was five years old.

In 1823 a teenage boy called William webb ellis who went to a boarding boys school. William webb ellis was playing foot for the school and he was in a tournament for football. The ball got kick to him and he pick the ball up and ran to the try line and put the ball down at the try line.

William was born in salford in november the 24th 1806. In new zealand we have lot’s of rugby and other sport clubs that are big and supported by other companies. Pakuranga
is a club for rugby, badminton, touch and ripper.

Pakuranga is a good club because you learn better things and you can be spotted by other team or school couches that would want to have you in there team or school team. I play for u13s pakuranga which has only lost one game but our u12s team is really good because they’ve never lost a game and they always win near 95 or 90.

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