Friday, August 22, 2014

Term 3 writing sample

Why is taking care is very important ? It’s very important because that’s what you're normally supposed to do in life. There's a saying, Treat other the way you want to be treated. It’s the truth when you treat other nicely you get the same respect back.

Taking care is a nice and important thing because if you’re the oldest in the family, You should be taking care of the younger ones. At our school (Pt England School) we take care of the new entrance kids so they can feel at home.

Taking care of your mind is very important too. Because if you haven't been taking care of your brain who know what going on in your mind. When your mind hasn’t been taken care of you start to feel lazy or wanting to fight.

Another reason to take care of your mind is when you write, read or do math your mind is working fine and it’s 10x’s faster than not taking care of your brain. When you haven’t been taking care of your mind your brain stops working and you just want to sleep all day.

You should take care of your mind so when you're being taught your already absorbing everything that’s said. This reason is very important because if you're visualizing the all black game before the actual game in your mind it won’t be all their.

Another thing to take care of is your body. You’re body should be taken care all the time. So when you go to play sports you're not being slack for your coach or teacher. Your body should be fired up and ready for sports before being asked. You should take care of your body because mostly everything you want to do is involving with your body.

This reason why you should take care of your body is very important. Because if you dream to be in the commonwealth games or Olympics your body would be fit and strong and powerful you could do anything you want mostly when your is taken care of.

You could be doing Sprints, Boxing, UFC, shot put, rugby or weight lifting and you won’t even know if you're being watched by a important Olympic star.. These reason are good for you so when it’s their your ready.

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