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In the late 1860s rugby was made by a kid named William Webb Ellis. William Webb Ellis  was born in Salford, Lancashire which some people say he was born in Manchester which William Webb Ellis said himself he was born there in the 1851 than later on moved to the city. Webb Ellis was the youngest of his two brothers. the link for this paragraph Website

In 1823 a 17 year old William Webb Ellis, had gone to a rugby school, Warwickshire Located in England. While playing football in 1823’s William Webb Ellis had caught the ball in his arms and carried on caughting the ball instead of retiring the ball with his legs. He ran towards the opposite goal with the ball in his arms. Website

This popular game called rugby was suspended around England than the World. So this game that started off running with the ball became world wide. But when it was World wide the game was unruly it was 75 players against 75 other player. They would play like passing the ball forward to the opponent's half towards their goal and would call it a goal.

The idea of scoring a goal was the same as soccer but instead handling with their hands and arms. The field was more like a post at each half which they scored under. As rugby became more popular people started making clubs and started playing other clubs. Rugby was mostly in every country and the rules form so that people can get better games and fields. post were higher and Rugby became known as Rugby football.

My modified version of the game: ‘Anthony’s Rugby’

1. Equipment:
Boots (or no just shoes), mouth guards, rugby ball, cones, whistle

2. Normal size field (100m length). The field is 100 meters and the dead ball line is 5 metres .

3. There's nine aside for each team and there are sub’s at the end of each goal.

Rules of game:
Score a try: You need to get your whole team over the line to score and put the ball down. When you score you carry on so you run the opposite goal to score. You can forward pass and kick when every and do quick line outs. There’s no racks only when you get tackled you get back up and pass the ball.

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