Thursday, September 4, 2014

plastic bags banned

Plastic bags should be banned in NZ because too many sea creatures are dying because of plastic. About 50% of sea creatures are eating plastic which people leave lying around without picking them up and putting it in the bin. People worldwide who are shopping use 500 billion plastic bags per year.

When plastic bags are left lying around it always ends up at a dump, the sea or in trees. Too many plastic bags are killing sea creatures which is destroying sea life. Sea creatures are dying from plastic bags because of they think it is food.
There are little pieces of plastic in the water because of sea turtles eating it which breaks it down into small pieces. Fish mostly die by is eating plastic or rubbish. When fish are found dead they take it to a special place for it to be opened. When they open the fish there a lot of rubbish and plastic inside the fish which show how the fish died.
Did you know New Zealand used's one billion plastic bags a year and its just in New Zealand. Another thing did you know is theirs was 5.6 billion plastic bags used in 2012. Every year there's a million of plastic and plastic bags found in the ocean.

30 other country have already ban plastic bags which leaves us behind. We should ban plastic bags because our 100% pure is at state and other country think New Zealand is a very clean green country. Marine biologists are complaining that too many fish and turtles are dying from plastic bags and should be banned.

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