Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why is it important to have enough sleep and to be on time?

At Pt England School (PES) the year 8s have to be at the school by 8:00am or either right on 8:30am. The reason why we come to school is to earn a good education. There are many reasons why we have to come school and to get enough sleep. First let’s start with why we need our sleep. Every night near 8:00pm we should go to sleep to wake up early the next morning ready for school work and getting to school early.

The reasons why we need our sleep is so our brain functions properly at school, home and at test’s. Today at (PES) the year 8s have a reading test but we take our reading test separate. About  75% of people in New Zealand sleep at the right time. However, about 35% don’t.

Students come to school so they can earn their place in the world and to have a family when they become adults. Most kids that go to school don’t realise the importance of being on time and being punctual. This will earn them a good education and  it might help them get the job they always wanted.

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