Thursday, June 26, 2014

What is echolocation?

What is echolocation? Echolocation is when a bat uses clicking noises with its mouth to hunt its prey. When a bat is hunting its prey ,it clicks slower when its prey isn’t around. But when it gets closer to its prey ,which is a moth., it starts clicking faster and louder. The sound waves reflect off the moth and the bat can see the sound waves and the bat will be able to sense where it is

Killer whales make loud throbbing sounds. When its dark and it can’t see, it uses its throbbing noises so it can sense objects from longer distances just with sound waves. The sound reflects off the object and the sound  goes back to the whale. Then the whale knows what's in front of him.

In California a boy named Ben was blind. He was born a normal kid and had dark brown eyes like his mum . Then when he was two Ben’s mum saw something wrong with his eyes. His mum was saying it was turning white inside the eye.

 It was eye cancer and Ben had his eyes removed at the age of two. After Ben's eyes were removed he figged out how to see with sound. Ben uses echolocation so he can ride his bike and walk around instead of torching the wall and staying inside like other blind people.

The way Ben uses echolocation was with making sound with he's mouth. He makes clicking sound with his mouth like a bat. When he makes clicking sound when he walks around the house he pictures the house with sound. Ben still uses echolocation when he travels around. So he could do everything that other kids could do.

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