Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Life Education

At PES (Pt England School) we get offered every year to have Life Ed at our school in Term 3. The person in the Life Ed is a woman named Lynn and she is a very helpful person to have as a friend when you're having bad days. Every Monday or Wednesday we had the Life Ed for four lessons learning about alcohol and drugs. The Life Ed is a caravan for youth kids and most kids mostly call the Life Ed Harold which is what most people in New Zealand know it as.

My class and I had a lesson today about people who were addicted to drugs.  We were showed a little video of what happens when you have too much alcohol and drugs. When you have a standard drink of beer which is 330ML of a beer in a can where you go and buy a box of beer. When you drink, an adult liver breaks down 1 can of alcohol per hour so when you have more than 1 in 1 hour the rest of the alcohol goes into the bloodstream. It’s worse for teenagers because their body absorbs more alcohol.

Lynn is a very smart person who know a lot about our body like what we should have and what's the best to do at our age. Lynn travels all over New Zealand and teaches kids about their body. Most new entrants which are like young kids, like Harold the giraffe who talks to Lynn and Lynn says what Harold says or thinks. For more information visit:

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