Thursday, February 20, 2014

What dose Waitangi mean to me

What Waitangi means to me is bringing British and maori together to make peace. When I think about it i think of British setting sail to australia from england to new zealand. The queen of england sent a servant to sail to New zealand. It took them 3 months from australia to nz. When they got there he jump out of the waka and ran to the maori’s. Reading the letter out to them in maori.

Hone heke was reading the queen writing to all that was there. The letter was about the queen talking about british that were at new zealand befor maori. Maori were denying that  british were at new zealand first. 1840 they put up a huge tent that would bring all maori’s. All british sat at a table leaving two men standing. The governor was reading out the treaty to the maori.

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