Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 3 Ps Protection,Partnership,Participation

Protection Is taking care of your friends watching out for them help them back up if they fall. Being a leader leading them on the right path. Looking out for your brother and sister and family member. caring about one another giving your friends food if they don’t have any. telling a teacher if you're not feeling safe or someone is not using their w.i.t.c.h .

Partnership is working together helping them in their work. meeting the kids parents telling them about how their kids are doing in school. Teamwork is making people feel welcome. saying nice words to make them feel free or happy tell people if u haven’t tried just give it a go hi I had trouble on my first time. Going to every home school partnership.

Participation joining in games giving new stuff a try. If you're in the team thats got more player than the other team jump in the other team try the sports you haven’t tried. Make sure your a fare player or no one will play with you. If you see someone that’s good at touch or rugby ask if they want to play don’t say no. More player more fun.   

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