Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Holidays Highlights

In my holidays I went to hamilton in cambridge. We went to cambridge for our waka arm. It was Me,Frankie,Auri,Uili,Isara and Levi It was a lot of people coming but we made it there. We were going to cambridge for our races. We were racing in 6 men wakas I was the leader of our waka. I raced in a lake which was a dam. We were staying at a rugby club beside the cambridge sign which was outside. I was staying at the rugby club for only two days we made it to the semi finals then we lose but we still came a good place we came 2nd to last. A week later i was sleeping at my course house for a week. I was going to a holidays program with my course . After that was finishes I went to splash planet in hastings It was like 10 times better than other pools. It had everything mini world,go karts,train,bumper boats. Its sides were huge there was about 5 huge sides I couldn't believe my eyes.

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