Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Empathy is understanding one another emotions. If a family member had passed away, you would feel like crying out a waterfall. Or if you see a brother or sister crying or getting picked on, you would feel their emotions. It’s like you're a part of them. Caring about one another, if I see a little kid that is getting picked on I will help them. I help kids become friends again, and play again.

Empathy means you feel their feelings, emotions. Feeling how they felt in the time it happened. You picture it in your head and it’s not a good picture. Worrying, for example like what if I told you that your Dad had passed away. You would burst out with tears even after you go home. When your friends talk about you would cry again. When a person or a friend is crying, And you see them crying you would be crying inside.

But you would never show it. Empathy sharing your work on google drive. Team work partnership finishing it off properly. Looking out for your friends Thats empathy.      

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  1. hey ant u were making me burst out of tears in your first paragraph. It was hart braking and thanks for telling me so much about empathy.


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