Thursday, February 20, 2014

Explanation (Netbooks)

NetBooks: What are they and how do they work ?

Netbooks are a device that hold a lot of technology. It helps people find things over the internet. It has free wireless you can connect to Google and Google Drive mostly anything you can find is on this small device. You can connect your ipod, iphone and ipad to it. It even has a HDMI port. It got’s Usb, Ethernet and headphones port.

Netbooks have little keypads and keyboards on it which you use for typing and moving the mouse on the screen. Adults,kids and community  all use it. They use it in class,building and jobs. Where to find netbooks, you can find netbook in Pt England Classes, Students, table’s, Netbooks cupboards and with teachers.

Netbook has a changer and a bag which you can carry around at home, school and work It can fit in your bag. netbooks run a specie software which is called ubuntu 12.40. you can use it for your kids because, you can block sites that you don’t want your students to go on during school work. Thats all I know about netbooks but you can go on the internet to see the netbook and what it can do.

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