Friday, March 21, 2014


What Is a cyclone? A cyclone Is like a tornado but a bit different. Strong winds and heavy rains are part of what happens during a cyclone. I heard there was a cyclone that hit Auckland this weekend but it was not as severe as expected. There was only heavy rain and heavy winds. It happened last weekend that was on Saturday and Sunday.

After school the wind was not as strong but the wind started to pick up. As I was sleeping at 2am in the morning I saw lots of debris through my window that was carrying around heaps of rubbish.

In the city the waves are higher than before. Boats are moving unexpectedly but I can't believe that people are jumping off the wharf. I really thought there would be trees flying, cars moving and a debris of junk.

In the city the waves were outrageous and coming onto land underground parking was full of water. It was crazy. I saw lots of surfers out catching the waves surfing along on the beach. It was out of hand - we had to stay inside. Most hours the rain and winds would stop and then continue raining and blowing heavy winds.

Cyclone Lusi made a very huge mess that busted things unusually.   After the cyclone was gone the rain, winds and clouds disappeared and it was like nothing had ever happened. Cyclone Lusi was not as severe as it was said on the news. Now the cyclone has moved on to the South Island leaving broken trees, houses and cars.


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  2. Thank you Anthony for sharing your story of the cyclone with me. It was good that you were able to see the punctuation mistakes and to correct them all. Best of luck with your future stories and for your school learning.

  3. Anthony,

    My name is Savannah Price, and I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am going to school to become an Elementary teacher. We are assigned a student blog to comment on each week, and this week I was assigned to you!

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. That is amazing to me that people actually still tried to catch the waves during such a storm! I am glad it was not as bad as the news portrayed it to be, and I am also glad you were safe!

    In Mobile, Alabama, where I am from, we have hurricanes. They leave things in disarray and rubbish is sometimes all around depending on how bad the storm is. They can be pretty scary, and sometimes we are left without power for 3 or 4 days. We also had a tornado on Christmas day two years ago that left part of our town all torn up for months, so I understand the devastating effects that storms can have on towns and communities.

    Great job on the blog post, and I like how you started out telling what a cyclone is and then went into the story about the cyclone in your own city.I enjoyed reading your post, and keep up the good work!


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