Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tamaki sports

Several Team 5 senior classes at PES (Pt England School) go to Tamaki college for sports activities every Friday. Tamaki is an open college which is within our community and located in GI (Glen Innes). The college leader are helping us behave in our groups. The activities that have been set up for sports are high jump, relays, chain tag, trust fall and others.

The very first thing we in our group was to say our names. There were games set up around the college field for the groups to go and play. We go down to Tamaki for fitness, sports and for fun. The first game I played was a build fold obstacle course. My teammate name was Brody-Jack. He always wants to be my teammate. All four classes were split up into 7 groups. There were about 10 kids in each group.

PES kids like sports and games. All of the games that we’ve done so far have been teamwork games where you got get your team to the other side with just a pole. I think I’ve been getting fitter by running at lunch and morning tea. The sports has been helping me out because last week I just made it into the ripper tag A team (good team).
I enjoy tamaki college sports and for inviting our school seniors to come and do games.

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