Monday, March 31, 2014

Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby

School sport is great. My friends and I were trialing out for school touch at PES (Pt England School). Wednesday was the day my touch game was on. Pt England school had an offer to come to play Kings School at Kings Rifles field. We trained hard for the day. It took a long time for us to know the rules and learn new moves, but we got there.  It only took an hour of training to learn the rules.

Soon the day came. We waited for all of the touch teams to come to the breeze for a ride to Kings field. There were about 3 team that were coming to play their three teams. We were able to fit one half of the team into one van and the other in the other van.

When Pt England School went to Kings Rifles field Kings school wasn't there so we had time to have lunch and warm up to play touch. The Kings school had arrived we had an 5 minute rest before the game.
They need the 5 minutes for an warm up. After they finished their warm up we began our game.

A and C team played first the B team was on the sideline. After 20 minutes A and C team won their games. B team was last team left to play so the game begins and we managed to get a try with a move we learn in training which was called monster so all Pt England School team won against King School.

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